Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

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Sexual attraction in the union of Scorpio and Scorpio is very strong, but the emotional temperature cannot rise indefinitely. These two people are very similar, but they do not understand each other well. They are jealous and demanding. Because of the frenzy of their natures, a weak breeze quickly ceases to turn into a hurricane and there is no trace of the former compatibility. And partners easily darken and lock themselves in, have a developed sense of ownership. Both will constantly demand from the partner that he let go of the reins. Someone has to give in-and when that happens, the relationship will end.
In the event that Scorpio and Scorpio converge, mutual understanding immediately arises between them. They do not need to get acquainted with each other beforehand, because each of them knows everything about the other even before the beginning of the relationship, which is all the more true for such astute personalities as Scorpios. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are endowed with the abilities of a researcher; they are masterfully able to recognize the hidden, which makes them good doctors. At the first meeting, instant recognition occurs. Partners can nod their heads to each other and smile understandingly, but, most likely, no frank gestures will follow (half-hints are enough for them).

When mutual interest is confirmed - already on an intuitive level - only then will Scorpios allow themselves to experience excitement. And if there is excitement, then there will be a passionate obsession... should appear. Obsession is very useful, even necessary for Scorpios. It makes them fixate on their own feelings and captivates the body and mind so much that they can't take a step without thinking about what is happening to them. If partners experience similar feelings, then they easily come to an understanding, which, of course, contributes to the continuation of their already joint history.
Scorpio, the "signature" feature of your personality is total distrust, which often turns into unpleasant consequences. Being naturally insecure, you are suspicious of everything and everything, which, of course, can be useful if you are a professional detective. Most of you are very secretive creatures who rarely leave behind revelations in the form of diaries (however, even when keeping a diary, the first thing you do is make sure that the entries in it cannot in any way testify against you; bearing in mind that it will be read).

It is important to remember that intense mental work takes place inside each of the Scorpios, the results of which you do not always inform your partner about, which leads to a large number of misunderstandings. So, in order to avoid misunderstandings and improve compatibility, you should ask each other direct questions, because in case of insincerity of the partner, the responsibility for possible subsequent complications will fall on him.
Financial compatibility Scorpio and Scorpio are representatives of a fixed sign, and this is not the best compatibility for a business partnership. Among the positive business qualities is that they are good financial managers. Undoubtedly, Scorpio will be a good partner with more compatible signs.

In a boss-subordinate relationship, a tandem where a man leads and a woman obeys will be the most effective. If the boss also praises her for her achievements, then there will be no problems in interaction at all. In a situation on the contrary, when a man is under the control of the headmistress, a subordinate Scorpio will feel somewhat humiliated, and therefore the effectiveness of his work will be low.
As already noted, the image of a Scorpio symbolizes passion. With sexual compatibility, Scorpio and Scorpio prefer the "dark side" of sexuality and are predisposed to extreme actions. They are disgusted with blandness, and therefore they try to diversify their sensual pleasures and get an emotional shake. Since in the presence of a person with similar views, partners can afford to fully realize their secret desires, these two are able to go far in their love joys. However, as in all other relationships, polarity is also observed here, which is expressed in the fact that one of the partners behaves more or less timidly, and the other, on the contrary, aggressively. In the future, they may switch roles, but, as a rule, their status is determined at the dawn of the relationship and remains unchanged for a long time.