Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility

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Sagittarius paired with Scorpios never know what to expect from that. The same thing, literally, can be said by Scorpio about Sagittarius. The novelty of feelings and sensations, the unpredictability of reactions, is a big plus of the union of Scorpio and Sagittarius. With such compatibility, Scorpio and Sagittarius interact very closely with each other, each of them gets exactly what he needs, however, both make certain sacrifices. Fiery Sagittarius gives Scorpio emotionality, which he lacks, and in return receives a feeling of freedom. From the union is an equivalent and mutually beneficial exchange.
Sagittarius follows Scorpio immediately, because when people of these signs come together, they have a lot to learn from each other. Scorpios are turned inward and focused on the dark depths of their psyche. Sagittarius, with their heads thrown back, are trying to look out for what is hiding behind the horizon. They preach, flirt, communicate a lot and are forgetful. Scorpios analyze, criticize, avoid society and remember every conversation, every thought... The list of differences can be continued. Their compatibility is accompanied by a splash of emotions, plunging Sagittarius into a frenzied excitement, and Scorpios into a state of obsession.

Scorpios like the deep and bright feelings of Sagittarius, who are attracted by the significance of thoughtful Scorpions. But on the other hand, through the efforts of their partners, they risk finding themselves in situations that are initially intolerant for them: Scorpios hate publicity, and Sagittarius are likely to spill their secrets; Sagittarius can't stand harsh criticism, so characteristic of truthful Scorpios. Despite the obvious dissimilarity, these two usually find their connection very exciting.
Sagittarius carry a much deeper emotional trauma than it initially appears. The wonderful and contagious optimism that is their calling card turns out to be something like the tip of the iceberg of a depressed and wounded personality. Naturally, it is easy to deal with a cheerful and sociable partner, but, Scorpio, keep in mind that Sagittarius take everything to extremes, so their melancholy attack can have a depressing effect on you if you are not prepared for everything in advance.

Being depressed, they need encouragement from someone who understands what is happening to them better, and at this point you should pay special attention. Remember that the state of depression is atypical for Sagittarius, is of a short-term nature and, rather, is a reflection of the cyclical nature of their development. Be patient when you find him in prostration, and try to avoid standard answers to his questions about the feelings that he is currently overwhelmed with.
Scorpio and Sagittarius, as partners in work and business, can agree on a protocol or methods of work for a long time in order to then adhere to them. If they manage to avoid too long discussions, the work will be completed on time. Regular or even routine short-term projects are probably the best choice for them. At least this way they will establish a mutually acceptable working rhythm. Work together and solve problems together and then financial compatibility will be very good.
Sagittarius are engaged in constant flirting and consider sex in the form of a giant playground, all visitors of which seem to rotate on an imaginary carousel in anticipation of the moment when they will be chosen. And Scorpios are only interested in what is not devoid of a certain share of sexual attractiveness... and they find interesting people who seem to be free from the heavy burden of life. They are looking for someone fundamentally different from them, and the first meeting with Sagittarius fully meets all their wishes. Sagittarius are happy to perceive new sexual delights and are always ready to put theory into practice. When the time comes to move on, they leave, giving Scorpios the right to choose between interest and distrust.