Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

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Pisces finds a wonderful partner in Scorpio - and something else. Scorpio will give Pisces a delightful sexual union, valuable emotional support, guiding force. The jealousy of Scorpio, this incorrigible owner, does not bother Pisces - in fact, thanks to jealousy, they feel loved. Pisces addiction is what Scorpio is looking for. Scorpio and Pisces will find a special community on the sensory level. Both are violent in emotions, faithful, have developed intuition, are interested in everything mystical and unusual. Scorpio and Pisces have perfect compatibility.
The relationship between Scorpio and Pisces is characterized by their deep mutual understanding. Pisces and Scorpios do not need to comprehend each other to achieve compatibility. They are both endowed with the ability to care, feel and understand, which was the fundamental motive for their rapprochement. The problem for them may be mental stagnation and, as a result, excessive indulgence of their partner due to the lack of other internal stimuli. There is an incredibly strong psychic connection between Scorpio and Pisces. None of them need to say much to be fully understood. The whole world for them closes only on the relationship with a partner, which is very remarkable from the point of view of an outsider.

Since the initial meeting, there has been a tendency between them to an ever closer spiritual unity, which is expressed in the ease with which they perceive each other's telepathic signals. Scorpios are most impressed by the serenity with which Pisces reacts to their assertiveness, and the amazing ease of their partners in perceiving third-party emotions. Pisces are changeable creatures, and therefore it costs them nothing to hide their true feelings from Scorpio researchers, but the fact of the matter is that these two have no need to hide from each other. At the first meeting, each of them opens his soul towards a potential partner in order to understand whether their further rapprochement will make sense, whether compatibility is possible.
Circumstances that can infuriate Pisces may look even more absurd than those that usually infuriate you, Scorpios. When dealing with water entities, it is always difficult to foresee what exactly will cause their rabies, but with this compatibility, you can give some advice: do not talk to them about their mothers, do not blame them for making terrible mistakes (even if there were any) and do not mention that they drink too much (which it happens to be relevant). Pisces tend to use drugs that cause an altered state of consciousness, perhaps because they know how to use it - after all, some part of them is in another world. They perceive this plane of being as a dream reflecting their experiences. Do not be surprised to hear from them: "I just caused rain," because (in their minds) this is exactly the case.
Scorpio and Pisces are partners and colleagues, often cooperate side by side for many years, staying in relative harmony, consistently demonstrating good results and doing work without any fuss. Compatibility for work and business is favorable. Just do your joint work and you always succeed, this is the compatibility in financial activities.
Scorpios and Pisces experience such a deep and mutual heartfelt affection that a "fusion" between them occurs almost immediately after they agree on intimacy. Scorpios believe that Fish are guaranteed to be on their hook, but the fact is that Fish never allow anyone to own them completely. They have a remarkable ability to unite, create the magic of feelings, and then, having surfaced somewhere else, continue to dance in another place, but the difference between Pisces and other changeable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo) lies in their ability to create the appearance that they did not seem to disappear anywhere. Scorpios admire the acute receptivity of their partners, which allows them to easily realize any fantasies. A kind of indicator of the depth of feelings of partners is their emotional inertia, which is expressed in the fact that, unlike other couples, they retain feelings of intimacy even a few hours after intercourse.