Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

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The union of Libra and Scorpio can be called the struggle of ice and flame. Secular, gentle and refined Libra is ideally combined with a temperamental and sensual Scorpio. Everything is not always smooth in a relationship, but the intensity of passions does not subside for a long time. Libra and Scorpio are meant for each other from above. Each of them fulfills its role in this union. Libra, with a calmer and more balanced temperament, acts as a student, and a wise Scorpio is a teacher.
Libra and Scorpio are neighbors on the zodiac wheel. Usually, such signs do not have the best compatibility, they do not enter into long-term alliances, but Libra can cope very well with the character of Scorpio and control his behavior. Therefore, this relationship can bring pleasure to both partners. Scorpio is extremely flattered by his own importance for Libra. At the same time, he, who is himself a subtle connoisseur of beauty, will be able to learn a lot from this communication for himself, concerning both harmony in forms and the mysteries with which the life of society is connected. Libra falls under the magical charm of Scorpio and is simply unable to resist him, although perhaps they are slightly discouraged by this fact.

In fact, there is nothing surprising here, since both one and the other partner strive for perfect compatibility, dream about it, but never find their ideal. That's just the ways they achieve their goals are very different. Scorpio appreciates intrigues more than anything else in the world, and if it is not possible to achieve what he wants with their help, he can use a rough grip. Libra is trying to find a compromise in everything and bring the situation to balance. If two representatives of these signs marry, then it often turns out to be based not on some material calculations, but on spiritual and intellectual intimacy.
The main feature of Scorpio is that he completely obeys his desires. Despite all his external charm and apparent gentleness, he has remarkable strength of character and is used to achieving what he needs. This should be remembered by everyone who thinks about compatibility with Scorpio. This partner always remembers the insults inflicted on him, and his response may seem excessive and unpredictable to you, Libra, so you may lose the balance you need for a long time.

This compatibility is especially strong in cases when Libra and Scorpio are also creative partners or allies in joint activities. However, the existing contradictions, in particular the sentimentality and extreme attachment of Scorpio on the one hand and the frivolous cheerful nature of Libra can create certain difficulties. Spouses may need a lot of time to get used to each other. Although from the outside, this couple invariably creates a great impression. Perhaps because he never takes out the trash from the hut.
Scorpio's performance depends entirely on his mood. And of course it can't help but annoy Libra if they are his business partner or boss. But if you try to reprimand him, then everything can be even worse, because the offended Scorpio will stop following what he is doing and how. If there is such a possibility, it is preferable to send Scorpio to work at home, where he will do everything in the best possible way, especially if no one distracts. But if Scorpio finds himself in a leadership position, and Libra is subordinate to him, then Scorpio needs to remember that representatives of this sign react extremely negatively to nagging. Therefore, criticism of such an employee should be constructive.
In intimate compatibility, Libra and Scorpio feel each other well, literally guessing desires. If Libra is in a calm, balanced mood, then harmony in bodily communication is achieved incredibly quickly, and the power of their love is so great that they really practically become one. However, if Libra is concerned about something, it is better for Scorpio to wait a little, because intimacy will only further unbalance them instead of calming them down. And of course, there can be no question of some kind of sexual harmony in this case. The trouble is that an incredibly jealous Scorpio often does not understand the coldness of Libra and takes it as a sign that someone has appeared with a partner. At least in my thoughts.