Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

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The union of Leo and Scorpio cannot be called simple. Both partners are strong personalities, proud and domineering. It is difficult for them to resolve conflicts if they appear, but partners are worthy of each other and can become a very harmonious couple. This couple enjoys the respect of others, and enemies bypass them, fearing conflict. The compatibility of Leo and Scorpio turns out to be very energetically powerful. Both signs are distinguished by strength, self-confidence, determination and even, in some way, ruthlessness. Their union will not be without quarrels, especially in everyday life, but partners are able to find a common language and fight hand in hand with the rest of the world. Lions provide their partner with physical comfort, and receives in return the gratitude and admiration that they need.
The compatibility of Leo and Scorpio cannot be called too simple, at the same time, it is quite dynamic. It always happens when there are strong, self-aware signs. Scorpio is not afraid of hard work, and relying on him, Leo is able to achieve a lot, depending on what they strive for more. Scorpio is always ready to come to their aid, and he does not even need to ask for anything, he always knows when there is a need for him. Leo may not always like Scorpio's rather sarcastic remarks, but they will help to understand the failures and understand what exactly caused them. Sometimes there is a need to destroy some castles built on the sand in order to build something more durable and reliable in their place.
Scorpios attach great importance to their reputation and their achievements. Therefore, when something goes wrong, as they would like, it turns into a real tragedy. The same applies to compatibility. Scorpio is extremely jealous, and even if at first he likes the way the other partners admire you, Leo, after your relationship takes on a certain character, you cannot avoid scenes of jealousy on his part. And all because, firstly, Scorpio is a terrible possessive by nature, and secondly, he gives himself with extraordinary passion to everything he does. And it will really hurt him to lose you.
Leo and Scorpio are also not a very suitable union for business relations. At first, the partners seem to be happy with everything – Leo is always ready to work, he is hot and very determined, of course, Scorpio really likes it, especially if he is a leader. Scorpio himself is incredibly hardworking and very careful, which clearly appeals to Leo. However, very soon conflicts begin to break out in this couple, which can develop into a fairly stable enmity. Leo is active, and Scorpio is distrustful, he wants his partner to completely obey him, which will contradict the very essence of a straightforward Leo. As a result, Leo breaks off all contacts with Scorpio and completely refuses to cooperate. Or – quits his job.
Perhaps there is no place for a serious relationship in the compatibility of Leo and Scorpio. It is better for them not to marry, but to remain lovers. Partners experience an extraordinary sexual attraction to each other and even if serious quarrels sometimes occur between them, these emotions only make the passion even hotter. As for the bed, everything is just fine here, Scorpio simply cannot resist the numerous and undeniable advantages of Leo, on the other hand, the mystery of Scorpio is almost mystical. Capable of finally turning the head of a Lion, which, despite all its royalty, is quite simple-minded.

The idyll in this compatibility is violated by the incredible jealousy of Scorpio, who does not allow Leo to shine in society and actually puts him on a chain. For Leo, life cannot be limited to the bedroom, they need universal worship and admiration, without it they simply fade away. And least of all, Leo is ready to put up with the role of a domestic cat. Disagreements on this fundamental issue also resonate in intimate relationships, when partners simply begin to punish each other by refusing sex.