Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

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It is difficult to find more dissimilar people. The ardent and passionate Scorpio and the "icy" Gemini are practically unable to find a common language and can make each other unhappy. In rare cases, if both partners are adults and spiritually developed, their compatibility can be interesting and useful for both. The temperament, life values, and understanding of the relationship between Gemini and Scorpio are very different. Scorpio is looking for stable family ties, he is an ardent lover and possessive. Gemini runs away from obligations, prefers freedom and the absence of restrictions. For a strong union, everyone must step over themselves, but they rarely understand why this is necessary.
Incredibly dramatic, addictive and full of passion compatibility between Gemini and Scorpio. When meeting with Scorpio, Gemini can't help but notice his sharp and critical mind. But then, they will feel that in this relationship they have lost their main value – freedom. As for Scorpio, Gemini seems to him too frivolous and superficial, therefore, in the presence of a long-term relationship, this cannot but cause him an internal protest. Such a union is simply doomed to trials and all kinds of shocks caused by the dissimilarity of the characters of the partners.

Although Gemini and Scorpio can really love each other, most likely, one day Gemini will just go out the door and disappear and nothing will be able to keep them. Scorpio will be left with only suffering. But even if the Twins reappear on his doorstep, the sobbing Scorpio will want to put them in his cage again, which will again lead to the same result. This compatibility requires partners to work hard on themselves. Gemini feels that their desires and opportunities are extremely limited, Scorpios have to work too hard in order to provide for the family. Naturally, this leads to constant conflicts, infidelities, quarrels and even illnesses.
Scorpios have a magnetic voice, deep, strong and attractive, they have a remarkable mind and a strong sexual desire, Scorpio is very responsible about his promises, therefore, before making a final decision on whether he should enter into a relationship with you, he will try to collect as much information about compatibility as possible. He does not want a temporary relationship, he needs them to be permanent, so he pays attention to even the smallest details on your part. From her partner, Scorpio expects that she will be at home at the right time and not sigh for her old friends. Yes, Scorpio is possessive, although he can tolerate Gemini's antics for a long time, but still his self–control also has limits.
In a business union between Gemini and Scorpio, it is important to remember that none of the partners likes monotonous menial work. It is not necessary to push it on top of each other, it is better to immediately agree on the mutual distribution of responsibilities and strictly adhere to this agreement in the future. Gemini managers need to remember that Scorpios are extremely sensitive to family and home, which means they should not be loaded with overtime work, even well-paid. If the leader turns out to be a Scorpio, he probably should close his eyes to some lack of Gemini, especially since, in general, they are energetic and diligent workers who also have good taste.
At first, the sexual relations of Gemini and Scorpio are full of passion, but after a while certain contradictions arise here. So, for Scorpio, sex is the sacred secret of life itself, he cannot treat making love as just a pleasant pastime. If a Scorpio is really in love, he is not capable of cheating. But Gemini has the opposite approach to sex. They are not privy to the secret of universal love harmony, like Scorpios, and they have no desire to penetrate it. There are still so many fascinating things in the world besides sexual compatibility and everything needs to be paid attention to. Therefore, Scorpio may feel deprived and decide even on something unthinkable for him – treason.