Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

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The powerful sensuality of Scorpio awakens the dormant passions of Capricorn. Scorpio is a lover with a more developed imagination, but the endurance of Capricorn will be a wonderful addition. Being an owner, Scorpio will give Capricorn a sense of security. Scorpio and Capricorn are an excellent compatibility: Capricorn is a highly organized personality, and Scorpio has a natural cunning. Both value discipline and success. They are endowed with a strong will, and sometimes the quick temper of Scorpio collides with the stubbornness of Capricorn. Their fights will take place as violently as reconciliation.
Both Capricorns and Scorpios represent the two most stoic signs of the zodiac, which makes them an unbreakable couple. Capricorns, for one reason or another, have matured early. Perhaps there was a special work ethic in their family, or she had many children, or the parents were too strict with their offspring. Scorpios grew up with a sense of their own inadequacy to others or were the only ones in the family who reacted to emotional overtones - because of which they were later ostracized. These two are certainly representatives of the most serious of all water and earth signs. Their compatibility is very harmonious.

The emotional passion of Scorpios captivates Capricorns, who, in turn, demonstrate self-confidence and an excellent understanding of the laws of the physical world - that is, qualities that are attractive to Scorpios in themselves, but are not decisive in their assessment of their partners. Scorpios are well versed in their preferences and antipathies, but they tend to turn to the wrong side of life, which leads to the formation of a negative external background. Oddly enough, their partners, Capricorns, also tend to assume the worst in advance, mainly in order to avoid disappointment later. Not predisposed to risks, they appreciate the warnings of their partners. From the outside, these two may seem like an incredibly pessimistic couple, but they endow each other with strength and provide mutual security.
Scorpio, Capricorns expect very little from their partners and, as a result, are ready to take on the main functions of relationship management. They are not disposed to flaunt themselves and pay little attention to what seems purposeless to them - some emotions also fall under this definition. In case of hostility on the part of the partner, they practically stop communicating with him, except for any insinuations addressed to him. For the sake of preserving peace, Capricorns will put aside their negative judgments and try to avoid criticism, but if you still manage to anger them, things will take a frightening turn - you will simply cease to exist for Capricorns.
The working relationship of Scorpio and Capricorn is rarely successful if they are employees of large companies. But for this couple it is a little better if they are freelance employees or the work is of an entrepreneurial nature. Compatibility is such that it is best for both partners to accept each other as they are. And do not try to stand out either to Scorpio or Capricorn, otherwise your partnership will end soon.
Capricorns are not at all alien to love passions, but even vice versa (which is one of the greatest zodiac riddles): they know how to electrify their partner. No need to be mistaken: the compatibility of Scorpio and Capricorn can have a good time in bed, although they are also not averse to frolicking on the floor or in any other place within a radius of several kilometers from the bed, being in the mood. Rather, if they are in the mood, because Scorpios do not immediately overcome their distrust, and Capricorns also need time to figure out for themselves the purpose of this union.