Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

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The fierce passion of Scorpio ignites the sensuality of Cancer. Being faithful in love, Cancer does not provoke Scorpio's jealousy. Cancer's possessive feelings give Scorpio a sense of peace. Cancer admires the power of Scorpio, while Scorpio finds spiritual comfort thanks to the emotional attachment of Cancer. Both Scorpio and Cancer have developed intuition and know how to please a partner. Together they are able to create an excellent cocoon in which they will feel protected and loved. Their compatibility is characterized by great closeness, brightness and depth. Over time, they will only improve.
Cancer and Scorpio are quite similar signs in spirit, they understand each other perfectly. However, sometimes they can start a kind of game. And the thing is that family relationships turn out to be much more complicated than an ordinary romance. They require mutual obligations and certain responsibilities from partners. Cancer approaches this issue more calmly, family and marriage fit perfectly into their own ideas about the world. Scorpio is full of fears, sometimes completely unfounded, so the family climate is often overloaded with negative emotions, for example, insults from Scorpio or his own jealousy. Surprisingly, it is Cancer, like no one else understands Scorpio, he is able to read in his soul as if there was an unreasonable child in front of him. The formidable Scorpio incredibly succumbs to the wisdom of Cancer and constantly listens to the advice of his second half.

In order for these relationships to be truly long and happy, it is necessary that at least one of the partners agrees to sacrifice their interests. The relationship between Cancer and Scorpio from the outside may resemble the relationship of a strict teacher and student. Scorpios are very emotional and they easily give way to more intelligent Cancers, completely falling under their influence. But Scorpios are extremely hot-tempered and can easily offend a sensitive Cancer, at the same time, mood swings in Cancer can infuriate anyone, and even more so, a Scorpio that does not differ in patience. It's great if the partners have their own rooms where they can retire from time to time, although Cancers and Scorpios are not too burdened by mutual society.
Scorpions have a hypnotic effect on people, who are attracted to the representatives of this sign like a magnet. This is especially true of Scorpions, who are charming, but who clearly show the full force of their extraordinary character. A partner born under this sign can be completely unpredictable, he does not understand what restraint is, so if you want to limit yourself to just an easy and non-binding flirtation, stay away from Scorpios.
But in the business compatibility of Cancers and Scorpions, everything may not be so simple. No, this pair will work well together, but the trouble is that Cancers and Scorpions are not always particularly practical in business, which means they can quickly burn out without outside help. At the same time, Scorpio is an excellent generator of various ideas, and Cancer may well give them the right design, which means that in order to succeed, it remains a small matter – just to find a capable performer.
We can say that Cancer and Scorpio are "on the same wavelength", they have excellent compatibility, they understand each other from half a hint and for this they do not even need words. Passionate Scorpio drags sensual Cancer with him, igniting and liberating him. Although Scorpio is extremely jealous by nature, Cancer will not even think of teasing his partner, which means that he will feel completely comfortable with Cancer. It is not surprising that their sexual relations turn out to be especially close and trusting. They do not try to restrain their desires, and the next day they are both overwhelmed with a special sensual tenderness, understandable only to the two of them.