Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

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Scorpio and Aquarius will enjoy unusual sex, which is fueled by Scorpio's craving for novelty and Aquarius' imagination. But Aquarius is irritated by the furious jealousy of a partner, and Scorpio is irritated by the unpredictability of Aquarius' mood. Aquarius is looking for an adventure companion for compatibility, while Scorpio wants to have a faithful partner. Aquarius is impassive, reserved and restless; Scorpio is demanding, intolerant, has a strong sense of ownership. Aquarius begins to look for happiness outside the home and can go on a journey. There may be a short and vivid romance between Scorpio and Aquarius, but long-term relationships are rare.
Compatibility between Scorpio and Aquarius is possible only if each of them is ready to make concessions. Scorpios, who live in their inner world, pay the closest attention to the nuances of other people's behavior, trying to unravel the deep motives of their actions. Their acute observational abilities, which allow them to make such observations, contribute to the fact that Scorpions make wonderful doctors. On the other hand, such a feature of their character often irritates others, because few people want to be examined under a microscope.

Aquarians live by speculative ideas: having initially formulated some images or ideals for themselves, they then correlate with them to assess the realities of life. Preferring to defend the interests of certain groups, they are not inclined to pay attention to the problems of individual individuals. When there is compatibility between Scorpio and Aquarius, the mutual attraction of partners is quite sufficient for the emergence of a love passion, although they should never forget about the differences between them in order to avoid serious conflicts. The structure of these relationships is unique.
Scorpios interpret this world differently than you do, which they have every right to do. You have your own ideas about life that you. Aquarius, with righteous arrogance you will defend at any cost. Scorpios trust their deep instinctive feeling, which cannot be justified logically. You can only try to find out exactly what they are experiencing and try to be lenient with their opinion. After all, there are many ways of interpreting being, and they all have a right to exist.

The approach of these air and water entities to life is very ambiguous. For example, Aquarians (Air) do not even allow the thought that their views may not correspond to the truth. Perhaps such a belief was formed by them on the basis of personal experience or is an ingrained system of views, but, whatever it was, they will insist on their own infallibility to the end. Scorpios (Water) also consider their judgments as the only true ones, despite the fact that in this case they are guided not by logic, but only by their feelings. Thus, both partners are a priori convinced of their own rightness, which, of course, negatively affects their relationship.
In the professional and business sphere, Scorpio and Aquarius are looking not only for financial benefits, but also for satisfaction from a well-done job. To feel comfortable with each other, they need a moral justification for their joint plans. You just need to go up the career ladder together and try to solve problems together as well. The main thing is that you will be comfortable solving joint tasks.
Representatives of water and air signs are initially attractive to each other, which gives additional energy to their compatibility. Scorpios simply get drunk from sexual desire for their aerial partner, considering him as an invaluable prize that they must definitely win. However, only those who will be able to capture their imagination will be able to achieve the favor of Aquarians. And since they zealously adhere to their inherent prejudices, it is not at all easy to carry out such an intention. The shortest way to the heart of Aquarius lies through the expression of immoderate admiration for him - he just sleeps with happiness. Once in the bedroom, Scorpio and Aquarius will be able to have a good time there, provided there are no too high expectations.