Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius is the luckiest zodiac sign. Despite the fact that he is playing with fire, he is extremely lucky in life. He is patronized by Jupiter — the planet of optimism, success and generosity. Whether the favor of fate will extend to good luck in matters of the heart depends largely on the love compatibility Sagittarius in relation to partners in the horoscope. Sagittarius is full of contradictions in compatibility. He is depicted as a mythical centaur – half horse, half man; therefore, he obeys both animal instincts and spiritual ideals. High impulses struggle in him with sensual desires. But the family compatibility Sagittarius with partners is expected for the better.

Sagittarius is charged with positive energy, even unpleasant situations he can smooth out with an appropriate joke. A Sagittarius in love is also not inclined to indulge in despondency and sadness. For him, this is a joyful, life-affirming feeling. If his partner is also optimistic, he will be able to find a shortcut to Sagittarius' heart by reading Sagittarius love compatibility. In financial compatibility Sagittarius with partners will play a very strong role, with the help of it it is possible to achieve high results.
They are sociable, attentive, and friendly, tend to gather companies around them, need recognition and respect. The representative of this sign is born to lead and lead. Despite some tendency to impose his opinion, he is a democrat and a humanist, often the leader of political parties, movements and religious organizations. Philanthropy and altruism in his character closely coexist with vanity and morbid self-esteem. Sagittarians are intolerant of criticism, touchy and demonstrative.