Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility

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The union of Virgo and Sagittarius is an attempt by two completely dissimilar people to find something in communication. And I must say, this is extremely rare. The relationship, even if it starts, will not last long. Virgo is a model of rationality, loyalty and tranquility. Sagittarius is fickle, freedom-loving and runs away from obligations. These two simply cannot have a stable long-term relationship, one of the partners will have to step over himself, and sooner or later he will begin to blame the other for this.
Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility is extremely rare. This is not surprising, because it brings with it a lot of problems. Sagittarius has an extremely broad nature, which will certainly annoy the practical Virgo, on the other hand, constant nagging will seem very petty to him. If Virgo takes care of everyday life and pays all her attention to household chores and raising children, giving her partner more freedom, then peace can reign in the family, Sagittarius will be busy protecting common interests from the outside world. In such conditions, a marriage can last quite a long time.

If Virgo and Sagittarius fail to make concessions to each other, then although at first in this compatibility Sagittarius will be fascinated by his new acquaintance Virgo, restrained and at the same time flirtatious, in a maximum of a month, her accuracy and attention to detail will irritate him. The same talents that Virgo admired so much at the beginning of her acquaintance with Sagittarius will seem to her a cheap show-off. And the constant coquetry of the Virgo will frankly alarm Sagittarius, and the Virgo, who, in fact, cannot even think about treason, will be extremely offended by these suspicions.
Sagittarius is not at all one of those people who will work hard all their lives just to ensure a decent old age, when, finally, he will be able to do whatever he wants. Sagittarius was born to live the way he likes, and if work interferes with this, well? So much the worse for the job. Sagittarius is absolutely sure that the partner should love his work, it should bring not only money, but also pleasure. To be honest, if he finds the case worthy, he can work for free at all. Of course, this can not but terrify a practical and extremely hardworking Virgo. But try to look at it differently – and admire his unselfishness. Perhaps then everything will look a little different in your compatibility?
The financial compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius can be quite successful, since both signs successfully combine diligence and strength with creativity and originality. Both partners can be excellent organizers and can manage production processes well. With such compatibility, it can be quite difficult to assign roles, and small conflicts may sometimes arise on this basis. Virgo's good financial sense promises good luck in commercial transactions, and Sagittarius' sociability and luckiness allow him to quickly make the necessary contacts.
In the sexual compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius, everything develops quite successfully and in the bedroom partners often reconcile. At least for a while. The fiery nature of Sagittarius in combination with the smooth impulses of the elements of the Earth in Virgo produce a real miracle, which can not be called otherwise than magic or alchemy. However, Virgo needs to remember that it is not necessary to demonstrate excessive detachment in bed, and restraint is also not always appropriate here. This is not at all what an ardent Sagittarius needs. On the other hand, instead of reproaching a friend for excessive coldness, Sagittarius should be patient and try to overcome her stiffness with the help of tenderness and affectionate words.