Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility

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Taurus and Sagittarius are absolutely opposite signs, in character, temperament and goals in life. They live in different worlds, strive to achieve different things, but despite this, they are sometimes able to find happiness in a couple with each other. Taurus and Sagittarius are a very difficult and contradictory combination. Taurus is homely and practical, prefers stability and confidence in the future, Sagittarius is freedom-loving and fickle, takes finances lightly, and runs like hell from any obligations, including marriage.
Taurus and Sagittarius have a rather complicated compatibility and there are not too many chances that it will last long enough. Taurus puts quality at the forefront, and Sagittarius is much more important what impression he makes on others. And even if at first the partners are fascinated by each other, disappointment comes pretty soon. Sagittarius tirelessly "spreads feathers" and gives out promises, but their fulfillment makes you wait. Taurus at first just waits for everything to come true, but in the end they decide that they have been deceived. Sagittarius is a highly intelligent sign, he gets bored with such a simple and straightforward Taurus. All this together leads to the collapse of the relationship. Even if the marriage lasts for some time, Sagittarius will lose what is most important to him - his freedom. At the same time, Taurus loses confidence in the future, which is also extremely important for her.
Sagittarius immediately attracts the sympathy of Taurus with his gaiety, indefatigability and, of course, intelligence. With all that, from the outside he seems to be a small and immature partner, over whom it is so nice to take custody. Sagittarius is an intellectual, philosopher and a great conversationalist, lavishing vibes of charm around him. At the same time, he is just incredibly sincere. However, this sincerity of his has a downside. So, for example, if he is going for a walk in the company of one of his former girlfriends, he will say it bluntly and will not mean anything bad – after all, they are just going for a walk for old times' sake, why not? Your resentment at the same time will be completely incomprehensible to him.
Sagittarius is able to open such horizons to the simple-minded Taurus, which he could not even dream of. At the same time, Taurus, with its thoroughness, helps Sagittarius to gain a foothold on the results obtained. Then again it is the turn of Sagittarius, who seeks to make the activity more versatile or expand it in some way, and Sagittarius knows how to do it. In business compatibility, the cooperation of Taurus and Sagittarius promises wonderful and unexpected opportunities, provided, of course, that Taurus accepts the development of events offered to him by Sagittarius, and does it consciously.
Perhaps the only thing that can unite these two such different and dissimilar signs is the bedroom. Here Taurus and Sagittarius easily find a common language and excellent compatibility. Both Taurus and Sagittarius appreciate sex very much, although in different ways. Taurus treats sex as one of the most beautiful joys of life. Sagittarius appreciates sex for the feeling of freedom that it gives him. In any case, active sexual relationships give partners a lot of happy moments. Taurus attracts Sagittarius with its sensual earthly beauty, Sagittarius, in turn, ignites Taurus with the fiery power of his inventive passion. In general, this couple has something to do in bed.