Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility

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Scorpio is fascinated by the freedom-loving, uninhibited Sagittarius. Scorpio will seize power, but will not keep the restless, restless Sagittarius in subjection for long. Sagittarius believes that the emphasis should be on pleasure and new adventures, and Scorpio needs protection and constant love. Sagittarius is open, talkative, careless in personal relationships; Scorpio is reserved, secretive and very jealous. Scorpio wants to keep Sagittarius in the house, and Sagittarius wants to wander. There is a lot of passion in the compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius, but without a future.
Sagittarius is a very freedom–loving sign, and Scorpio has a pretty hard time with him. Sagittarius will always strive somewhere from home, he loves to travel, even if only virtually. Therefore, Scorpio will have to moderate those possessive instincts that he has. And Sagittarius should not forget that Scorpio has an incredibly well-developed sense of intuition. At first, while Sagittarius is still forcing himself to restrain himself, and Scorpio has not yet accumulated a sufficient number of claims, everything is going very well. Moreover, Sagittarius is the epitome of masculinity, while Scorpio is mysterious and extremely charming. When these two meet, a passion usually immediately breaks out between them, thanks to which they can do a lot of stupid things.

However, such compatibility is clearly not enough to get married. Ordinary household trifles can cause a lot of problems, and passion fades significantly over time or goes out altogether. The union of Scorpio and Sagittarius turns out to be favorable for Scorpio when he cannot find the meaning of his life in any way. In this case, Sagittarius significantly expands the horizons of his partner, and also contributes to her spiritual growth. It is only important that Scorpio listens to the opinion of Sagittarius, tries to understand what exactly he means, then, finally, he will be able to find the ground under his feet, which is so lacking. It is especially good if the partners have joint hobbies or other common affairs.
The greatest disadvantage of Sagittarius, from your point of view, Scorpio, is his excessive sociability. Excessive – in your opinion. And it really is. Sagittarius loves society very much, he loves team games, joint viewing of plays and movies, as well as their further discussion. Finally, he just likes to be among a large number of people. Of course, there are other partners there, but this does not mean that Sagittarius is going to cheat on you, Scorpio. Moderate your suspicion, Sagittarius is so straightforward that if he is going to have an affair, he will inform you himself before it happens.
As for business and professional compatibility, Scorpio and Sagittarius may have quite successful partnerships, especially if Sagittarius gives Scorpio the opportunity to do what he likes and does not insist that he appears at work at a strictly designated time. Scorpio is a very good employee, thinking extraordinary and able to find a creative approach to any problem. If Scorpio finds himself in the role of a leader, he should take into account that Sagittarius does not tolerate pressure, it is best to give him maximum independence in his work.
Although Scorpio and Sagittarius look at sex somewhat differently, this does not mean that they do not have intimate compatibility. Sagittarius is passionate, and at the same time touching, sometimes to naive idealism. Scorpio gives himself to love extremely intently, he plunges into the darkest depths, for this partner intimacy is something sacred, often he does not even allow himself to talk during it. But Sagittarius, on the contrary, loves to talk very much, and can say something about which it would really be better to be silent. The offended Scorpio begins to use the minutes of intimacy in order to take revenge on his partner, he becomes cold and unattainable, and no matter how ardent the desire of Sagittarius is, sooner or later it goes out.