Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

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A strong attraction immediately arises between Sagittarius and Sagittarius. These partners will have a great, stormy romance, a great love story, and vivid feelings. However, this combination of signs is not suitable for marriage, the freedom of both Sagittarians will not allow them to be together for a long time. Partners immediately become the soul of any company. They are open to the world and everything new, easy-going and fun. They have a lot of fans and admirers, Sagittarians are basking in attention. The compatibility of two Sagittarians is most often a free relationship without obligations.
There is a kind of ease in the compatibility of Sagittarius and Sagittarius, which, on the one hand, of course, facilitates their relationship, and on the other hand, does not allow partners who have so much in common to find some kind of zest in each other. The ability to come out unscathed from the most difficult situations is an integral feature of the nature of Sagittarius. It is not for nothing that they are ruled by Jupiter - the largest planet in the Solar System - under whose powerful patronage they, as his children, are. Sagittarius can be compared to marinara sauce - piquant, rough, not sharp, preserving its taste qualities for a long time and suitable for both official events and everyday occasions. Sagittarius and Sagittarius impress with their inexhaustible optimism, but their image is harmed by too long a tongue.

The gatherings of the partners may well turn into a dispute over the identification of the superiority of one over the other, and then into a light brawl with the subsequent counting of scars. In general, the need for freedom inherent in both acts as the starting point of their fascination with each other. In addition, always charged with fighting and overcoming, they need to have a certain pressure or opposition from the outside, that is, a deterrent factor, as which many Sagittarians consider their partners. It is quite possible that one with such compatibility will have to portray a "player", and the other will have to embody the image of a "toy".
Sagittarius, your nature is twofold: on the one hand, you, like gypsies, are free, and on the other - burdened and wounded. The matter is further aggravated by the fact that each of your personal components needs self-expression. And now imagine what would happen in the case of a synchronous manifestation of both such wounded egos? It is not difficult to predict that the result will be their very acute clash, during which each of you, ignoring the needs of the other, will prove the priority of their own needs and complain about the blindness of the partner. So try to recognize the impending confrontation in advance and retreat as soon as it happens. Immediately. It is better to let the fire die out in its turn than to fan the flame.

The archetype of Sagittarius and Sagittarius is such that in order to assert yourself, you need to have some kind of irritant in your life, for example, misunderstandings towards you. Sometimes this function is performed by your work, sometimes by friends, but it is important that there are always circumstances, overcoming which, you could prove to yourself that you are still capable of something. Most likely, one of you will have to take on this role, but in no case do not strive to play it both. It will be extremely difficult to get out of such a trap. And the last thing about compatibility in marriage: partners are known for their excessive self-conceit, so it's useless for you to try to surpass each other. Try to assert yourself in some more prosaic way - through work or other activities - but by all means avoid confrontation.
The business relationship between the two Sagittarius is perhaps the most successful of all, they have excellent compatibility for business. When working on large-scale projects, both professional and social, partners are usually able to see and implement them completely. Not because they are exceptionally responsible or even persistent, but because they have no other choice. In addition, projects that seem too ambitious to others, Sagittarius can be considered as quite real and therefore they can do a lot.
Sagittarius and Sagittarius are ardent and impetuous creatures. They are passionate, but they view sex in the context of gaining an awe-inspiring spiritual experience. These two are really able to give each other what they need; however, if both of them simultaneously expect to receive inspiration from their partner, they will experience disappointment in their love intimacy, which will seem insipid to them. Left unsatisfied, they may soon be looking for other, more impressive relationships.