Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

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Sagittarius and Pisces have a very contradictory union, it can be long, strong and happy, or maybe quite the opposite. It depends on how similar the beliefs and worldview of Sagittarius and Pisces are, or what benefits each of them receives from these relationships. Sagittarius and Pisces are attracted to each other, so relationships are established quickly and without any problems. However, both Sagittarius and Pisces are very changeable and unstable signs, so long-term relationships between them are extremely rare.
Both Pisces and Sagittarius are changeable signs, which means that partners endowed with dual natures participate in this compatibility - in fact, the presented combination is an interaction of four personality types. Both have optimistic and pessimistic aspects, manifested depending on the state of mind. Relationships can be both uplifting and depressive. Thus, their success will depend on the degree of support for each other - and themselves - during the inevitable ups and downs. At first glance, Sagittarius are attracted by the bottomless eyes of Pisces, hiding unexplored worlds still waiting for their researcher.

Pisces peck at the carefree optimism of Sagittarius, coupled with their ability to chat with anyone and about anything. Usually Fire and Water do not combine too well, and yet there is an intrigue that creates mutual attraction. Both are dreamers, but they have different ways to achieve their goals. It is difficult for Pisces to maintain a given direction, because they read in the hearts of others and do not allow themselves, taking advantage of this advantage, to win at the expense of others. Sagittarius also deliberately do not run over those who happen to be on their way, but due to the fact that all their attention is absorbed by the goal, and not by those who are directly in front of them, they have much more chances to achieve their goal.
Although Pisces are deservedly considered kind and sympathetic creatures, they also have sharp teeth that they are able to put into action (think of piranhas). This is bound to happen if you become indifferent to their needs in response to their concern for you. For a while, Pisces will tolerate your insensitivity and narcissism, but one day they will rebel and leave you alone with your "greatness". So be kinder to your Pisces and do not be lazy to repeat to them that you deeply appreciate their efforts, while they are doing everything so that you can look even more significant in your own eyes. Being a water sign, Pisces is prone to drugs and other forms of escape from the realities of life. You gravitate to the same thing, so in this compatibility it is very important for you not to succumb to temptation and remain strong in the face of such destructive behavior of your partners.
For Sagittarius and Pisces, joint work can be effective if the partners are endowed with an innate sensitivity to each other's mood and are able to put aside personal ambitions for the sake of the project or for the benefit of the common cause of the team. Forced cooperation will not lead to anything good, because Sagittarius is more active taking on several projects at once, he makes a lot of mistakes, abandons his plans halfway. And the partner is inclined to fall out of reality, indulging in laziness, so the joint business will either not budge, or will move very slowly.
Pisces merge and become one with compatibility partners, enjoying various manifestations of their sexuality. Pisces rarely does not like anything in proximity - unless the partner turns out to be too ardent and fast, and Sagittarius is just hot and impetuous. In the passion of Sagittarius and Pisces there is a certain adventurous shade. Pisces will not blink an eye if the Sagittarius declare their divine origin and demand to consider themselves as the children of Zeus. At least in bed they will agree with all the claims of their partner, which they cannot but appreciate.