Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility

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The relationship born under the sign of Libra and Sagittarius is harmonious, filled with love and mutual understanding. Sagittarius is an ideal partner for gentle and trembling Libra. Libra, in turn, is able to understand the impermanence of Sagittarius. Emotional Libra and temperamental Sagittarius are perfectly compatible in sexual terms. Libra and Sagittarius complement and spur each other. In everyday life, partners also get along well - they communicate well, understand each other and find compromises. This compatibility is more pronounced in mature couples.
Both Libra and Sagittarius actively explore life and strive for new contacts, constantly expanding their social circle. Therefore, such a union can be extremely successful and contributes to the development of both that and the other sign. Libra treats Sagittarians with great respect for the breadth of their views, and Sagittarians are conquered by the irresistible charm of Libra and, of course, their refined sense of humor. Libra often brings into the life of Sagittarius exactly the harmony that is so lacking and perhaps after a short time Sagittarius will understand that for the sake of true love, you can sacrifice some of your freedom.

Libra and Sagittarius have excellent compatibility, they complement each other perfectly, since each has exactly the qualities that the other lacks. Sagittarius is self–willed and impetuous, and he also completely lacks even a hint of a sense of responsibility. Sagittarians are great at generating ideas, but Libra should be engaged in the implementation. Libra in this union usually show unusual restraint and prudence, it is only important that they do not try to limit Sagittarius in his habits and impose their own rules on him. If partners born under this sign like to throw their things around, let them throw them around. It is quite possible that this will allow you to preserve your union for many, many years.
Sagittarius easily makes acquaintances and romances, because he really does not like loneliness. And if a nice partner suddenly turns out to be next to him on a walk or on a hike, who, moreover, still knows how to conduct philosophical conversations, he will be simply subdued. It will seem to him that they have excellent compatibility. However, as soon as Sagittarius unexpectedly hears speeches that it is necessary to take care of finding a permanent job or buying something, he perceives this as an attempt on his own freedom and begins to break loose. Sagittarians rarely think about the future at all, they prefer to live here and now, and what will happen when retirement age comes? Well, then we'll see. However, many Sagittarians do become somewhat more powerful by that time, this is because their governing planet Jupiter comes into its own just at this period of their life.
The business compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius will also be very successful. It is only important that Sagittarius cuts down on the root of his dictatorial habits, which sometimes turn into despotism. This is especially important when Sagittarius finds himself in the position of a leader. Libra should not be impertinent to the boss and show that they know everything much better. In the event that Libra and Sagittarius manage to establish a relationship, this tandem will be extremely successful, and their original projects will be able to truly surprise the world.
Libra is an air sign, and Sagittarius is a fiery one, The air inflates the fire, and Libra inflates the real passion of Sagittarians, even when they just look at them or are nearby. Therefore, there are no problems with sexual compatibility. And in between caresses, Libra can have some kind of intellectual conversation with Sagittarius, which can be followed very quickly by a continuation. The only thing that can bring some dissonance into the sexual relations of this couple is some straightforwardness of Sagittarius, which is sometimes superfluous and can easily shock tender and sensitive Libra.