Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility

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The relationship between Leo and Sagittarius rarely develops simply, their couple cannot be called successful a priori. Their feelings can quickly dissolve into small and not very conflicts. However, if the partners are mature enough and spiritually developed, and sincerely love each other, the relationship has a chance to become long-lasting and happy. Much of this compatibility depends on Leo. Sagittarius, despite some irresponsibility and carelessness, deep down wants to see a decent, equal partner next to him. Leo is not inferior to him in anything, they are strong, self-sufficient and spiritually developed partners. In many life situations, Leo and Sagittarius are like-minded people, conflicts can arise in the household sphere.
Leo and Sagittarius are active fiery bright signs that will always be able to agree. In this compatibility, it is only important that Sagittarius recognizes Leo's right to a kingdom in which he himself will be a general. In general, this union is quite successful. Both partners are distinguished by courage, love of freedom and undoubted creative abilities. They have a lot in common in general. Leo and Sagittarius will be happy to travel together, they can participate in some joint ventures, even with a certain amount of adventurism.

One could say that in this compatibility there will be no life, but a constant holiday, unless sparks fly between them from time to time. Fortunately, most representatives of these signs are smart enough not to cross a dangerous line, and they stop in time. Although Leo, and indeed Sagittarius, enjoy considerable success with the opposite sex, there are practically no infidelities in this union, or they are only accidental. And although Sagittarius usually reacts quite emotionally to the fact that someone is trying to restrict his freedom, it is for the sake of Leo that he is ready to sacrifice. Within reasonable limits, of course. And Leo experiences incomparable pleasure in the company of a partner.
Sagittarius is ruled by a bright and happy planet – Jupiter. His element is fire. A partner born under the sign of Sagittarius easily flares up, but very soon he sincerely regrets the thoughtless words uttered in the heat of the moment. In the same way, he has the generosity to forgive your harsh words that broke out in the heat of a quarrel Leo. To forgive – and never to remember them anymore. However, sometimes in a fit of quarrel, he can grab his quiver and slam the door, but after a short wandering around the world, he will certainly return. Moreover, if he knows that he has full compatibility here, he is loved and expected. Sagittarius is extremely brave, even more so than you, Leo, because you actually hide your own fears behind ostentatious self-confidence. And even if Sagittarius can't shower you with precious stones, he will lay much greater treasures at your feet – his honesty, loyalty and freedom.
But business compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius turns out to be not so simple. In fact, one of them will constantly hunt for the other, but it's hard to say who and for whom. Only one thing is clear, that the one who allows himself to relax ahead of time will surely become the prey of another. Neither Leo nor Sagittarius are ready to obey. However, this does not mean that their joint work will be unproductive, quite the contrary – the eternal spirit of rivalry will force partners to work with full dedication and simply surpass themselves.
As for sexual compatibility, they can be called simply magical in Leo and Sagittarius. This is not just a physical fusion, it is an incredibly deep and true passion, given to them by the union of the Sun and Jupiter. Leo and Sagittarius never have monotonous dull sex – this is not for them, they are playful, then sensual, then tender, then rude and dissolute. The only danger lies in the fact that an extremely frank Sagittarius can say something at a completely inappropriate moment for this and deeply hurt Leo with a careless word. In this case, the estrangement between them may last until she is able to heal her wounds.