Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

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Representatives of opposite signs are most often attracted to each other and complement each other well, but their different characters, habits and temperament quickly break all illusions about compatibility. Gemini and Sagittarius, although they belong to opposite elements, have similar tastes and attitude to life. The relationship of Gemini and Sagittarius cannot be called traditional - both signs do not strive for constancy and marriage, preferring freedom and independence. Over time, feeling compatibility, partners become attached to each other and begin to appreciate stability. However, the love of adventure does not go away, and makes the relationship in this couple bright and unpredictable.
Like all the opposite signs on the zodiac wheel, Gemini and Sagittarius immediately feel mutual attraction. On the other hand, both of these signs are distinguished by their increased intelligence and extremely value their freedom. Although they are not always aware of this. Sagittarius is a more mature sign that acts as a teacher of frivolous Gemini. The same people have a very difficult time, they need to adapt to constant moralizing, and also always need to be ready to find a suitable answer. Therefore, it is not surprising that very soon the Twins begin to experience a certain tension.

On the other hand, if the partners have met already in adulthood, the fact that opposites always attract can make their compatibility quite strong, despite some roughness that requires a little lapping. Gemini and Sagittarius have a lot of common interests that allow them to have a great time, especially if they do not try to impose their own tastes or ideas about life on their partner. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are very fond of traveling, hunting for a change of places and meeting with a variety of people can become another factor cementing their relationship, but that's where the pitfalls lie. Such a pastime requires money, sometimes a lot, and neither Gemini nor Sagittarius like to earn money and are not very good at it.
Sagittarius is an extremely purposeful and straightforward sign, at the same time ardent and passionate. You, Gemini, should not forget that Sagittarius needs constant physical touches, for example, so that you come up and just take his hand. Sagittarius can talk endlessly about his ideals, and after a short time after meeting Sagittarius, you can find out about all his dreams. Although his sincerity and openness has its downsides – Sagittarius expects the same from his partner in compatibility, and if he suspects you of dishonest play, he is able to be completely disappointed. However, Sagittarians are such idealists that after each new disappointment they enthusiastically rush back to search for the one and only one. A new day is coming – and with it new opportunities appear.
Business cooperation between Gemini and Sagittarius can turn out to be very good, provided that the partners do not push off on each other that part of the work that seems monotonous or uninteresting to them. Gemini has excellent working qualities, especially if they like what they do, in addition, they are distinguished by an extraordinary mind. That's just Sagittarius should not put pressure on them or demand an immediate result. If Gemini finds themselves in a leadership position, they will be able to discipline Sagittarius, although they are not despots by nature. In general, these two will work together.
As for the sexual compatibility of Gemini and Sagittarius, they could have a very good one, as well as all the opposite signs of the Zodiac. I could, but it doesn't. And all because Gemini and Sagittarius simply do not have enough time or energy for really all-consuming sex. Perhaps that is why there is no special passion between partners either. Although, given the propensity of both signs to sexual fantasies, if they start paying more attention to this side of life, then everything can turn out very well.