Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

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Facing the outside world, Sagittarius can open up new intellectual horizons to Cancer, but, unfortunately, in love will not give him the security that Cancer always needs. The fickleness and inconstancy of Sagittarius arouse jealousy in Cancer. Sagittarius is tired of Cancer addiction. Sagittarius loves wandering and new bright emotions, while Cancer is a homebody and prefers peace and quiet. Cancer's need for complete unity only makes Sagittarius want to be free. In addition, the directness of Sagittarius constantly hurts sensitive Cancer. In compatibility, Cancer and Sagittarius are more likely to be best friends than lovers.
Cancer and Sagittarius have a very complex compatibility, which can be called simply enchanting. Cancer is convinced that he is doing everything right and insists that Sagittarius not only assumes obligations, but also fulfills them accordingly. But it's not so easy to ride Sagittarius, he is absorbed in his freedom and invents a lot of excuses for himself. As a result, a riot of emotions, quarrels, even scandals, initiated by Cancer. Sagittarius tries to influence Cancer in every possible way, trying to re-educate, not hesitating by any means, even treason or only blackmail. Naturally, Cancer will not tolerate such treatment, and the case can very easily end in divorce.

Sagittarius really has a very difficult time in compatibility with Cancer. He just doesn't understand him and no matter how Sagittarius tries to please Cancer, he will run into a wall of impenetrable indifference. And the thing is that Cancers value the harmony of their inner world too much to allow it to be destroyed by a noisy and restless spouse. Sagittarius often sees Cancer as a threat to his own independence, while Cancer feels a potential danger to his carefully built world order. Cancers are just sure that the Streltsy deliberately arrange provocations for them, but if they try to take command into their own hands, it will only significantly aggravate the situation.
Perhaps the main character trait of Sagittarius is his idealism, when meeting a partner, he believes every time that they are the same and they will have amazing compatibility. This is what allows his beloved to feel like a real queen at first. However, some time passes, and you, Cancers, may notice that Sagittarius is not ready for a really long-term relationship.

In fact, he really likes the feeling of falling in love, but at the same time signing some contracts - no, fire him. At the same time, Sagittarius never deceives, in fact, he simply does not know how to do it. And if you want to know something, just ask him. The frankness of Sagittarius can be shocking, so before using this advice, think about whether you are ready for the fact that it can hurt you and hurt quite a lot?
Charming and artistic Cancer can literally conquer Sagittarius at first sight. This is especially important in cases where Cancer turns out to be a leader. Under the influence of personal sympathy, Sagittarius will simply be ready to move mountains, just to earn the approval of Cancer. In the opposite situation, when the project has to be led by Sagittarians, they should remember that Cancers by their nature are not only extremely practical, but also are great intellectuals. If Sagittarius is able to use both of these qualities in Cancer, he will be able to achieve much greater success.
In intimate compatibility, it is important that Sagittarius remembers that in the bedroom you need to give free rein to feelings, not empty chatter. Cancer plunges deep into the abyss of their passion, they want to completely forget that somewhere outside their bedroom there is another world with its problems and worries. On the other hand, Sagittarius is a fiery sign and therefore he can express his passion too demanding, which only scares Cancer, who is used to sinking into feelings calmly and slowly.

Cancer does not need fire, but tenderness and affection. In the same case, if it seemed that something was going wrong, then this will necessarily affect the quality of their intimacy in general, since Cancer does not know how and cannot control their emotions. But it is sensual tenderness that Sagittarius often lacks, he lives by impulses and his desire can be truly explosive.