Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

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Sagittarius and Aquarius have excellent compatibility and every chance to create a perfect union. This does not mean that partners will not have to make efforts to build a harmonious relationship, they will have to work on themselves and on the relationship as a whole, and this will bear fruit. Sagittarius and Aquarius easily and quickly attract each other, they are close in spirit. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are characterized by some rebelliousness and love of freedom. Aquarius appreciates the openness and friendliness of Sagittarius, the same is attracted by the mind and unusual ideas of the partner. The unpredictability of partners can bring both novelty to feelings and some problems in the relationship. It is very good for the union if Sagittarius and Aquarius share common ideas.
It is known from chemistry that during the interaction of fire and air, the intensity of this reaction increases, since one component feeds the other. Sagittarius is a fiery sign; those born under it are unrestrained and unpredictable. Aquarius is an air sign; they are energetic and purposeful. Compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius, its consequences are similar to the cataclysm that occurs when a spark hits a room filled with pure oxygen! The differences between them are easily noticeable: Sagittarians are sociable and cheerful, very mobile and passionate about the process of cognition, and Aquarians are calm and detached, not experiencing a craving for changing places and imagining themselves to be know-it-all. When representatives of these signs are close, similarities become obvious: both love freedom, adhere to firm beliefs and reject other people's rules.

Sagittarius slow down and excite Aquarius, reminding them of the existence of the real world on the other side of their imagination, where real, intelligent creatures live. Aquarians inspire Sagittarius to do things in order to change the state of affairs on the planet. Everyone brings their natural compassion and tolerance to the relationship in their own way. The nature of the Sagittarians (changeable Fire) pushes them to search for new adventures. Aquarius (fixed Air) prefer to contemplate the world from their bell tower. They admire each other's mental qualities, the presence of a sharp mind is their mandatory requirement for a partner.
To say that the whole life of Aquarius takes place only in their own imagination means to exaggerate the actual state of affairs somewhat, but as a visual aid for you. Sagittarius, such a postulate is quite acceptable. Aquarius spend their lives thinking, doubting and reviewing what they have done before. They identify themselves with their ideals, that is, in fact, Aquarians are the embodiment of their own ideas about themselves. So if you're going to make fun of their fantasies, remember that you're going to mock them.

Aquarius give preference to humanitarian problems, trying to cover with their minds as wide areas of existence as possible. Their world is speculative, but it is real for them. Remember: never disparage their preferences and thereby avoid alienation. Aquarius feel that they are ahead of their time, and therefore feel like outcasts. You can become a spiritual refuge for your compatibility partners, where they will find salvation from the cold reality if you know their inner world. In fact, they are not jealous, but they have clear ideas about love and loyalty. Your tendency to flirt can shake these ideals.
In business, Sagittarius and Aquarius, as a rule, create products or services for which there is demand, but not so much competition, discovering new niches in the market. The compatibility is positive, this pair is good not only when opening an enterprise, but also in further activities, in particular, in the field of reinvesting profits.
We have already made an excursion into chemistry and now we know that the combination of fire and air causes an ignition reaction. As for sexual compatibility, when Sagittarius and Aquarius meet in the bedroom, the temperature in it can sometimes go through the roof. Sagittarius, who have mastered the art of flirting well, instinctively understand that intimacy with Aquarius means, first of all, mental unity with her.

Most of the foreplay will be spent on soul-saving conversations: Aquarius will mourn the plight of society, and Sagittarius will try their best to reassure their partner and inspire him with faith in the healing of the fallen world. Before this discussion ends, they will accidentally look into each other's eyes and forget about high matters. Aquarius like the spirituality inherent in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius enjoy the admiration of Aquarius in their address, albeit infrequently.