Pisces and Virgo Compatibility

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The loving nature of Pisces intrigues Virgo at first, but the opposite of these personalities excludes mutual understanding. Virgo, a representative of the mental sign, does not trust feelings, while the life of Pisces is governed by emotions rather than reason. A restrained, critical Virgo will not bring sexual satisfaction to a partner, her sexual claims will awaken the uncertainty of Pisces. Virgo cannot give Pisces the love and support they need. Pisces will be too fickle for a picky Virgo. She will be annoyed by the dependence of Pisces. Their union is short-lived.
The union is notable for the fact that everyone will get what they need in it. Both lovers are cold signs, and therefore do not welcome demonstrative displays of feelings. But Pisces is impressed by the constancy and reliability of Virgo, who always speaks directly about her needs and desires, without resorting to manipulation and blackmail, Virgo will finally feel the care of a partner and allow herself to be more gentle.

Love develops gradually, giving both enough time to understand their feelings, to think about how to solve controversial issues. The main difficulty may be the self-examination of the Pisces, during which he becomes uninitiative and confused. It is important for Virgos that Pisces constantly maintain the pace taken and not focus on failures, but Pisces are able to fall into melancholic moods, even if there is no reason for them.
The marriage of constellations is distinguished by its calmness and constancy. It is difficult to imagine the spouses, noisily sorting out relations and breaking dishes. There is a dialogue between them even in moments of misunderstanding. The strong side of the union is everyday life. Partners interact perfectly in a couple when it is necessary to equip their common home.

Pisces are less systemic and stable, therefore, they need guidance from the outside. The partner copes well with this task, directing the Pisces in the right direction and stimulating activity. What Virgo should avoid is criticism, since this sign is well—known critics who are sometimes able to express their discontent in a rather harsh form, which Pisces categorically does not accept.
If Pisces leads on the personal front, then in business you will have to give up the position of leader in favor of Virgo. After becoming a manager, he will immediately establish a clear algorithm of interaction in the team, give tasks corresponding to the capabilities and abilities of each of the subordinates, organize a system of rewards and penalties. Everything will work like clockwork.

Her colleague of the sign of water is not comfortable to stay in such an atmosphere, and even more so if a strict boss will constantly monitor him and stop all attempts to smoke breaks and idle chatter with neighbors in the office. In business, Pisces is too dependent on their mood, and therefore the boss should not put too much pressure on him. Positive motivation, constant reproaches and comments work much better on this constellation.
Representatives of two opposite elements in bed are very different. Virgo is well-versed in theory, but less sensual than Pisces. Bold, decisive actions, passion and initiative are expected from Pisces. Some indecision and caution of Pisces in sex is perceived as inexperience and sluggishness. The first joint experience is more likely to be crumpled.

But over time, when lovers adjust to each other, quite comfortable relationships are formed between them. The difference of characters only helps to improve relationships, helping to feel their fullness and polarity of moods. Virgo will set the general tone, and Pisces will support, reward with tenderness and surround with comprehensive attention.