Pisces and Taurus Compatibility

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Good compatibility. A strong, domineering Taurus is able to provide security and peace of indecisive Pisces. The artistic interests of Taurus stimulate the creative imagination of Pisces. They will encourage Taurus's love for comfort, and together these partners will build a love nest. Both are exceptionally passionate and sensual, although Pisces is changeable and more emotional than Taurus. The possessive tendencies of Taurus give Pisces a sense of security, which they need so much. Their marriage promises to be strong.
Taurus immediately begins to show softness after meeting Pisces. Despite the fact that Pisces is not rude and brutal, and sometimes simply cannot take into his own hands the solution to some problems, Taurus will not have to carry everything on his shoulders. Taurus feels elated and uplifted. Love in union will be full of unexpected discoveries and joys. Pisces will be flattered that he has discovered a new, sensual world for his partner. He easily manages to take care of her and bring her joy. And she is touched by the depth of his feelings.

Partner relationships will become both easy and reliable at the same time. Pisces and Taurus can support each other. In moments when a partner gets tired or fails, Pisces will take everything into his own hands. And vice versa, when not the most joyful times come for Pisces, Taurus will always be there, will be able to encourage and inspire Pisces.
The atmosphere that Taurus is able to create in the house will not leave Pisces indifferent. In union with Taurus, peace and quiet will reign, and the financial situation will become stable. Taurus will cook deliciously, love homework, save the family budget. And Pisces will appreciate it highly, because he himself is not inclined to farming and material savings.

For spouses in marriage there will be one significant difficulty — that Pisces is sometimes prone to fall into melancholy and long thoughts. At such moments, he may lose his ability to work and interest in the events taking place, and will need a shake-up from Taurus. The main thing is that these shakes occur without infringing on the dignity of the Pisces.
Not an easy couple to work together. Pisces tries to shift responsibility to Taurus for any reason, but Taurus is too slow and obstinate to cope alone with a situation that requires immediate response.

There will be no rivalry or conflicts between them, both are quite peaceful, but the business that has been started risks getting stuck at the most inopportune moment, when Pisces gets tired of long concentration, and Taurus will think for a long time whether to take any action. Joint work will be productive if it takes place as part of a group in which there will be other people who are able to take on the functions of a leader and ideological inspirer, as well as people who can competently exercise control at all stages of a joint business.
Sex in this couple can be a stumbling block. Pisces understands perfectly well that Taurus cannot be as subtle and sensual as he is. Pisces lacks depth and impressionability in a partner, the ability to captivate and get carried away, excite feelings and mind.

Taurus is quite good in bed, but only a partner with a more pronounced sexual temperament, who does not place much emphasis on semitones, who is not a gourmet in sex, can understand and appreciate it. At first, the partners will try very hard to adapt to each other, but over time they will realize that this is impossible. Leaving attempts to bring the relationship in the bedroom to a common denominator, they will remain a strong, partnership union in which passion will be replaced by friendly and kindred feelings.