Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

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Pisces finds a wonderful partner in Scorpio — and something else. Scorpio will give Pisces a delightful sexual union, valuable emotional support, guiding force. The jealousy of Scorpio, this incorrigible owner, does not bother Pisces — in fact, thanks to her, they feel loved. Pisces addiction is what Scorpio is looking for. They will find a special community at the sensory level. Both are violent in emotions, faithful, have developed intuition, are interested in everything mystical and unusual. The perfect combination.
Love is a strong side of relationships. The combination of sensuality and passion gives a unique love cocktail that feeds partners with positive emotions. Thanks to Scorpio, Pisces constantly feels the intensity of passions and changes in the environment. Scorpio does not let his companion get bored and start concentrating on his own feelings. He feels the need to constantly chase a moving target, and at the end of this chase he receives the desired reward every time.

However, Scorpio should not abuse this technique, because Pisces is a smooth and gentle sign, and the need to constantly pursue a goal can quickly weaken him. But together they will be interested. The couple travels a lot, visits public places, is in plain sight. From the outside, they create the impression of an ideal couple, thanks to which they have a lot of envious and ill-wishers.
The constellations get to make a successful marriage with each other. They are far from an exemplary family, often both lack patience and tact towards their partner, but it is in this combination that they feel happy. Pisces gets the ideal that he dreamed of, and for the sake of it he is ready to change, try and smooth out sharp corners.

Partners will not often quarrel, but their rare skirmishes can be destructive. The main difficulty of their relationship is the inability to easily let go of grievances. Everyone cherishes them deep inside, winding himself up. This is the main thing that a married couple should work on. But in everyday life and the material sphere, success awaits them: household chores are disputed, and money is slowly but surely accumulating.
Undoubtedly, it is better for Scorpions to become a boss. They are the kind of managers who are able to calculate everything down to the smallest detail, including a variety of risks. I want to see Pisces in my team, because they are diplomatic, courteous, able to please people, and therefore more successful in conducting negotiations.

But if Scorpio turns out to be subordinate to Pisces, it may turn out to be a surprise for both. A subordinate Scorpio will suddenly start openly sitting up to his boss and will not miss the opportunity to put a stick in his wheels when he feels the right moment. And there is nothing surprising in this: sometimes, in his own interests, a Scorpio can completely forget about decency and morality.
The strong side of the couple. Good, high-quality sex is guaranteed to them. The initiator of love joys, most likely, will be a Scorpio. Scorpio is an incredibly sexy sign that can charge a partner with its passionate energy. But it will require a lot in return. To satisfy Scorpio, Pisces will have to try hard.

And, although Pisces have a much more modest temperament, they may well match their partner. Cheating in a couple is very rare. The main reason for fidelity is that Scorpio spins around himself a whirlwind of events and emotions of such force that the partner simply does not have the strength and desire for others. But, in the event that a representative of Pisces shows passivity, Scorpio becomes bored, and who knows what can happen then.