Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility

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These two ignite each other in the bedroom, but that's where their compatibility ends. Pisces is dreamy and imaginative, but they do not know how to act, while Sagittarius enjoys continuous activity. Independent Sagittarius loves wandering too much to satisfy Pisces' need for attention and devotion. The sarcasm of Sagittarius hurts romantic and sensitive Pisces. They strive for intimacy, but are constantly rebuffed by Sagittarius, who seeks to free himself from burdensome emotional demands. Pisces are addicted, they love home, but the restless, adventurous Sagittarius will not stay at home.
These two are different, they love and see the world in different ways too. Sagittarius is a passionate nature, draws inspiration from passionate feelings, while the partner, digging deep, moves away into the world of dreams. In these relationships, Pisces risks not noticing that the partner has long ceased to be satisfied with the usual course of events, and it's time to talk about everything. Often, by the time of a substantive conversation, Sagittarius is ready to say the last goodbye, and this turns out to be an unexpected blow for the partner. The love that has arisen in this couple often turns out to be short-lived, but the relationship has a chance when the partners have common points of contact, such as joint children or business.
Can be marrige quite good if the spouses do not postpone the birth of children. Sagittarius is a wonderful parent, so all the energy that was not useful for Pisces will be directed at children. There will be complaints from the outside in relation to Pisces that he does not provide sufficient support and tangible assistance. But in general, their parenthood is able to strengthen the family.
Quite good prospects in the event that both make a step towards each other, since both are individualists, not team players. A Pisces business partner can generate good business ideas, and Sagittarius has sufficient communication skills to implement them.

Sagittarius will make a disproportionately greater contribution to a business partnership, and nothing can be done about it. Therefore, if Pisces does not insist on equal shares in the business and can really assess their labor costs, everything will turn out favorably.
An unexpected and interesting combination. Despite the fact that partners are about 60% compatible in bed, they will have something to surprise each other with. A sensual and bright Sagittarius is able to pull a thoughtful Pisces out of his dreams with his temperament and help him feel real passion.

But Pisces can study their partner for a long time, and even discover something that Sagittarius himself did not suspect. The sex of this couple cannot be called animal or insane, it is quite difficult for both of them to turn off their heads in the process, but intimate relationships will not be devoid of fantasies and pleasure.