Pisces and Pisces Compatibility

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If it were possible to solve all life's problems in the bedroom, these partners would be happy, but each of them needs what is missing in the other. They are weak-willed, dependent, recharged by the emotions of a partner. Both tend to sink into the abyss of self-pity and rejection of real life. Each increases the partner's confusion, the desire to indulge their weaknesses and the fuzziness of thinking. It is difficult for them to solve practical problems in the absence of a strong hand capable of pushing in the right direction. This union has no prospects.
Love develops for a long time and gradually. Neither side takes bold steps to meet, which is why the relationship can be filled with doubts and stretched over time. The similarity of the characters makes the partners an ideal couple who carefully and slowly swims with the flow of life. Lovers try to avoid noisy companies and entertainment events. They rarely go out, mostly to the cinema or theater.

They like joint gatherings in a restaurant, long, philosophical conversations and sensual hugs in private. Having fallen in love strongly and sincerely, the guy and the girl stop looking around, concentrating only on the loved one. They are gentle and suspicious, can be touchy and silent. It is not typical for them to ask direct questions, as well as to give frank answers. Partners often suffer from heartache and invent problems for themselves that, in fact, do not exist.
Partners get married at the peak of romantic feelings. Both perceive love as a beautiful fairy tale, and not mutual responsibility. They lack practicality and the ability to insist on their own. Partners tend to shift responsibility to each other in almost everything, stressing that he should, in response to this, the partner reasonably notices that they have their own responsibilities, for which they are personally responsible.

Partners frivolously dispose of money, and, one day, they may find a big hole in the family budget. Of course, the claims will be directed at each other. In everyday life, they adapt to each other for a long time, but, in the end, they fail. Despite the kinship of souls, disagreements arise in the family every now and then, which become chronic due to the tendency of spouses to hush up problems and wait for the first step from the other.
Colleagues simply need a leader and a leader, because without an ideological inspirer, they risk spreading out in different directions. Sincerity and generosity, which are clearly expressed in their character, make them vulnerable and soft-hearted. Pisces is easily persuaded to a dubious adventure, to achieve loyalty and concessions. Cunning and prudent employees working under them quickly realize that they can deftly use the kindness of colleagues to their advantage, which they begin to shamelessly use.

Representatives of the water element are good as performers, but they are ridiculous in the role of a boss. Even when they try to be strict, others feel that this is just a performance. The inability to save and multiply finances will make a joint business unprofitable, and the desire to be responsive to all subordinates indiscriminately will lead to a decrease in discipline among subordinate employees. For the most successful implementation of the overall project, the horoscope recommends involving fire signs in the work, while avoiding Capricorns, who will quickly get the better of them and make them dance to their tune.
However, lovers can get bored in bed. Pisces is essentially a passive, accepting sign, dependent on the partner's behavior. Each of them needs a backlash to any action, without receiving which, both risk being disappointed and falling into despondency. Slowness and prolonged foreplay make sex monotonous, devoid of dynamics. But this constellation is not prone to infidelity, but only when the partner gives them a sense of their own need and importance.

Sex in Pisces is always associated with romance. In their bedroom there is a special atmosphere that helps people with a fine mental organization to tune in to the act of love. Lovers are not adherents of sex marathons, preferring the quality rather than the quantity of emotions received. Being too immersed in another, they risk becoming fixated on another person, falling into emotional dependence on him. One of the partners may be left with a broken heart if suddenly the second decides to end the relationship, because Pisces always anchors where they are comfortable, even if it is not the love of their life.