Pisces and Leo Compatibility

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Pisces prefers to think rather than act, and this annoys Leo, who considers Pisces an idle dreamer. These partners are very dissimilar: Pisces is shy, self-absorbed, vulnerable, while Leo is self-confident, bold, domineering. Both are emotional, but Leo is hot-tempered, and Pisces hides in their fantasies. Leo finds it difficult to tolerate the touchiness and dreaminess of Pisces. A sociable Lion needs a wide circle of fans, and Pisces demands exclusive rights to a partner. Leo likes to wander, but Pisces does not. It affects their dissimilarity both in temperament and in their views on life. The marriage union between them, as a rule, suffers a complete fiasco and collapse.
Love also has a number of features. Leo craves vivid emotions and impressions, often tries to force events if he is at the peak of feelings. Pisces, on the other hand, are the complete opposite, slowly savoring what is happening, giving themselves enough time to sort out their feelings. So it turns out that by the time the Pisces are fully ripe to fully immerse themselves in a new novel, the Leo have already burned out and cooled down.

A striking feature of the couple is a large amount of romance, the source of which will be Pisces. Pisces are affectionate and gentle, they like to make pleasant surprises and gifts. But the Leo do not like such a calm soulfulness, a fiery temper requires drive, passion, and sometimes even intrigue.
Marriage is concluded, as a rule, on the wave of romantic feelings. Over time, when the infatuation recedes, the spouses fully realize their differences. Leo discovers with annoyance that his partner is not ready for combat exploits at all. With the same feelings, the partner understands that it will not be easy to get the support and affection he needs so much. Leo, by definition, believes that her partner should be strong, which means that he cannot complain.

Quarrels of a material nature often break out in the family. More often this happens due to the fact that Leo constantly demands high results from his partner in all spheres of life, and he simply strives for peace and comfort. Soon such a quiet harbor gets bored, and begins to express his dissatisfaction. And Pisces sincerely do not understand the essence of the claims, because it was to this way of life that he aspired.
Whoever takes the helm, the common cause has every chance to become profitable and successful. Colleagues are able to complement each other well, and this is the strength of their interaction. For all his courage and determination, Leo can commit impulsive, thoughtless actions, which he often regrets. But if there are Pisces nearby, both the business and the nervous system of the Leo are safe.

Pisces are able to feel the pitfalls in time and warn a business partner about them. Having passed through dangerous situations, Leo will be able to fully demonstrate his natural talents as a leader and strategist. The only thing partners should avoid is omissions and questionable financial transactions behind each other's backs. Only transparency and open dialogue will help to achieve impressive results.
The difference of sexual temperaments cannot but affect the intimate side of the relationship. No matter how actively Leo manifests himself, he still needs a stronger and more passionate Pisces. Subconsciously strives for a partner who would enslave and dominate in bed. But all of the above can not be attributed to the zodiac features of Pisces.

Tenderness and smoothness, which is a distinctive feature of this constellation in bed, will quickly exhaust itself, and when the time comes for active actions, Pisces will simply have nothing to offer to a partner. Pisces is satisfied with everything in the bedroom, but his partner may remain disappointed and dissatisfied. Sex, even if it is regular, will not give a complete physical and emotional discharge of the element of fire.