Pisces and Gemini Compatibility

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Pisces is attracted by the wit and sociability of Gemini, who in turn are fascinated by the mystery of Pisces. But this compound is unstable, like nitroglycerin — it is ready to explode at any moment. Pisces does not like the changeability and frivolity of Gemini. Gemini is irritated by the emotionality and dreaminess of Pisces. Unprotected Pisces show a sense of ownership and hold fast to a partner who wants entertainment and novelty. Both are mobile and unstable, although in different ways. Pisces can't choose a direction, and Gemini is tearing in all directions at the same time. Both need more powerful partners.
The couple's love horoscope calls the union complex and ambiguous, since complete opposites throughout their life together will desire different things and strive each to their shores. A seemingly intelligent and beautiful couple excites the delight of others, but few know how difficult love is given to both.

Gemini, focused on communication and career, tries to be constantly in sight, while being very popular with colleagues and acquaintances. Pisces are prone to deep dives into the object of their love. He wants to spend a lot of time with his partner, likes to be languid and quiet, warm and cozy. But the Twins are as elusive as air for him. The union with Gemini both captivates Pisces and accumulates dissatisfaction in him, which sooner or later can result in a large, protracted conflict.
The marriage of Pisces and Gemini will be the most successful and calm in the first years. They, as a rule, do not meet for a long time before the wedding, and, soon after the meeting, come to the registry office. But after a couple of years, mutual claims begin, and the spouses are very distant from each other. The birth of children also complicates the situation of spouses. Gemini believes that Pisces is inactive, slows down the development of the couple, earns little and does not correspond to the image of the ideal.

In turn, Pisces will be extremely dissatisfied with the fact that Gemini tends to spend evenings out more and more often, devotes insufficient time to children and irrationally manages the family budget. Around the third year of marriage, the partners realize how different their aspirations and desires are, after which the question of divorce becomes logical. And, if the gap is avoided, the crisis in this couple will return more and more often, until the partners finally become exhausted and decide to disperse.
In the professional field, business partners expect significant difficulties, which they themselves will create by their inconsistency. Gemini is used to doing everything quickly, without much thought and hesitation, while making mistakes quite often. Pisces is used to approaching business without too much fuss, and this calmness sometimes borders on a complete lack of initiative.

The most difficult will be compatibility in a couple, where Pisces will lead. Constant attempts to point the Gemini to the rightful place of a subordinate will provoke a heated protest in the house, while not standing on ceremony in the form and methods of its expression. In the end, the process of interaction will turn into an endless confrontation between the boss and the subordinate, which will soon end with the dismissal of the latter.
A couple's sex can be promising if the Twins are not always in a hurry somewhere and show sexual aggression towards their partner. The temperament of the partners is different, however, for them it will be a plus, because it is in bed that the partners will be able to “freeze” a lot of their conflicts.

But the thoughtfulness and sensuality of Pisces is unlikely to appeal to Gemini, who prefers speed, dynamics and even some rudeness in bed. Gemini needs a struggle, confrontation and even competition with Pisces, which will excite and maintain sexual interest. As soon as the partner realizes that he has known the full potential of his partner and no more surprises are prepared, the Twins may lose interest and go looking for inspiration outside the couple.