Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility

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These two different personalities sympathize with each other. A strong, domineering Capricorn is what Pisces needs. They feel protected with a practical Capricorn who takes responsibility and makes decisions. In turn, Pisces will breathe romance and idealism into Capricorn's sober approach to life, he will be pleased with the generosity with which Pisces exudes praise and love. Capricorn hardly puts his deep feelings into words, but Pisces intuitively feels his devotion and love. Everything is wonderful in the bedroom. The partners who are sharply different in nature complement each other. A wonderful union is possible between them.
Capricorn is sympathetic to Pisces with its independence, which is often mistaken for creative freedom. But this is not quite true. Capricorn always knows what he wants from life, and for the sake of goals is able to give up everything, including denying loved ones what they need. If he understands that the romanticism and mystique of Pisces go against intentions, Capricorn can rudely push back, presenting realities that are incomparable with ephemeral views on life.

In response to the offer to dream together, Capricorn shows the apartment bills; condemns the desire to spend money on romantic nonsense; instead of traveling, he starts repairs in the kitchen. And so literally in everything: as soon as the Fish gain altitude, the imperious Capricorn brings him down from heaven to earth and sends him to the dacha to plant potatoes. But Pisces lovers are ready for anything for the sake of a partner, even for a while to give up their desires. Pisces always hopes for a miracle.
Representatives of these constellations rarely marry, because Pisces' desire to dream sooner or later takes over other desires, and he slips out of the hands of a strict partner. But Capricorn does not mourn the loss for long, because subconsciously he is always looking for a partner stronger than himself. Well, to measure forces with Pisces is just ridiculous: he is a friend and partner, not a sparring partner. But there are exceptions in which strong feelings force a sophisticated partner to connect his life with Capricorn.

In this case, Pisces loses its ability to be independent and completely follows the partner. The partner manages all the processes in the family, probably earns more and distributes income. Pisces turns into a diligent performer, who from time to time decides to rebel, but fails rebellions from time to time. Capricorn takes the thoughtfulness and doubts of Pisces for softness, and considers it necessary to intervene. According to Capricorn, the less time a person has left for self-reflection, the more is released for work. Capricorn loads Pisces with housework, requires participation in the upbringing of children. It often happens that Capricorn takes on the role of the earner, leaving the Pisces on the home among the pots and diapers.
Is it worth saying that Capricorn will take the lead in a couple? Zodiac signs of the earth element are by nature rare workers, and they have no equal in work. Pisces will accept this with great eagerness. They are not those who like to shoulder the burden of responsibility, it will suit them to be a good, smart performer. And a subtle intuition can be useful to the management, which will help to avoid many difficulties in the work more than once.

Capricorn, who wants to have an executive employee in the person of Pisces, must remember that Pisces does not accept brute force. Pisces needs an individual approach and time to complete tasks. He does not make impulsive decisions, often doubts and hesitates, and therefore a friendly and friendly attitude from the boss will not hurt him. A man and a woman will be able to achieve significant success in business if the workload is correctly distributed, and Capricorn will be in charge of finances.
Sensual and gentle Pisces do not like to hurry, especially in sex, he needs to first draw an image of a partner in his head and live a bed scene in his fantasies, and only then gradually move on to real actions. And while Pisces is fantasizing and planning, Capricorn can get bored. Capricorn belongs to the category of people who need everything at once, and do not want to waste time at all. Lovers could be perfect for each other if Pisces had more determination and pressure.

But the couple's sex will be interesting. Passions will not flare up in him, but the technique and experience of Capricorn, multiplied by the tenderness and sensuality of Pisces, will be able to give unforgettable sensations. The main thing that Pisces should remember is that Capricorn is waiting for its strong and passionate conqueror. In this direction, Pisces should work on themselves. Horoscope advises to be bolder, not to extinguish sexual impulses in yourself, but to direct them to a partner who needs high-quality and frequent sex.