Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

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Pisces gets pleasure by satisfying the sexual demands of an equally sensual Cancer. These romantic partners will find passion, sensitivity and tenderness in each other. Pisces will allow Cancer to make most decisions, Cancer's concern for security and its financial flair will ensure material stability. They are both sentimental and love the hearth. A devoted Cancer gives himself entirely to insecure Pisces, and they, in turn, admire Cancer. A well-compatible pair.
The love of two representatives of the same element is characterized by trepidation and timidity. Attachment is formed gradually, partners are in no hurry. Cancer inspires confidence in the beloved partner of one element, and therefore it opens up to the partner from the most romantic side. The couple does not attend entertainment events, tries not to advertise their relationship, preferring to spend cozy evenings alone.

But such an idyll may soon become boring for Pisces, who are used to feeding their emotionality with stormy experiences and events. And if Cancer, having achieved the desired, calms down and strengthens its position, then her companion after a while begins to get bored and capricious, demanding Shakespearean emotional unrest. A couple may never experience passion for a lifetime, directing all their forces into comfort and creating a favorable climate of relationships.
Reliable and stable even to boredom. Even before marriage, the partners get to know each other well, get to know all the weaknesses of their chosen one and try to work on the relationship. They make a good, well-coordinated team. But this is only during periods when there are no disagreements between the spouses. In rare moments of quarrels, each of them tends to withdraw into himself, silencing his claims and expecting the other to guess everything himself.

Such conflicts can freeze and last for months. And while the partners are waging a cold war, the distance between them is increasing. Sometimes it can get to the point that one day the spouses begin to feel like strangers and simply get divorced. With all their ability to lead a joint life and increase finances, voids are formed in interpersonal communication. And, if Cancer does not even think of filling them with someone else, then Pisces is able to start looking at the side. However, Pisces change only in exceptional cases, when they do not see any prospects.
They should not embark on an independent voyage together. There is no clearly defined leader in the working tandem, therefore, everyone will begin to shift responsibility to a colleague. Both can be excellent performers, but it is difficult to lead them due to their doubtful and suspicious nature. The signs of the earth will provide significant assistance in the work, in combination with which the water element feels confident and calm.

If the general business is connected with creativity, then Pisces achieves considerable success in this field. It is better to entrust everything related to the need for calculations and checks to Cancer. The main condition for fruitful work is not to rush anywhere. Driven by time, water constellations make a lot of annoying mistakes, many of which are difficult to correct later.
The weak side of the relationship. Despite the strong mutual attraction, passion in bed is clearly not enough, since the interaction of the constellations is based not on sexual impulses, but on rational interaction. The romantic and impressionable nature of Pisces wants a subtle game, sensuality and flirtation, but to Cancers all this seems frivolous and insincere.

Even with regular sex, Pisces remains emotionally hungry, while the partner can be completely satisfied. Cancers are constantly in their preferences, are not prone to experiments and changes, and therefore the aspirations of a partner in the bedroom can deeply hurt feelings and sow uncertainty in their own attractiveness.