Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

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The romantic eroticism of Pisces inspires Aquarius to experiment. Sex is likely to give them great pleasure, because both are adventurous, although in completely different ways. However, Aquarius is dispassionate, he is only interested in ideas and the world as a whole, while Pisces strives for emotional intimacy. In the end, a sociable, secular Aquarius will start looking around, and Pisces will not tolerate this. An independent Aquarius needs freedom, he will be outraged by the desire of Pisces to keep his partner under house arrest. The prognosis for marriage is unfavorable.
Being very gentle and sensitive, in this union Pisces are simply doomed to suffer for unrequited love. If it were not for the coldness of Aquarius, the couple would have a huge chance of full compatibility in love, because they have similar dreams and fantasies, but there is an acute lack of warmth.

Aquarius perceives any attempts at unity on the part of a partner as an encroachment on freedom, does not know how to merge with anyone, and moves away even more. And chasing the air is a pointless idea.
Things are going well in marriage. Pisces will bring peace and stability to the family; Aquarius will take on the role of an ideological inspirer and innovator. The couple has a high probability of having brilliant children. They are wonderful parents. Pisces diligently creates a favorable climate in the family, and Aquarius is engaged in the comprehensive development of children. With Aquarius, you can even go to the theater, even on a camping trip. Partners balance each other: they give warmth and care; energy and competent management of financial flows.
In this area, too, not everything is ambiguous. The inventive Aquarius gushes with ideas, but there is absolutely no vector of irrepressible energy, work for him is not everyday work, but periodic flashes of an informal mind. Aquarius needs a wise and gentle patron who can guide his ideas on the path of realization. And Pisces are not at all suitable as a mentor: they themselves are waiting for guidance to action; they are often lazy and dreamy, which interferes with joint work. The common cause will be successful in an industry that does not require fuss and a tight framework.
The sex of this couple will not be as bright and sensual as Pisces would like. Sexual temperament is the weak side of Aquarius, it will exude erotic vibes only at the stage of attracting a partner. The sexuality of Aquarians is spontaneous, turns on and off spontaneously, regardless of the efforts of their will.

They do not know how to seduce and portray passion. The partner will always get out of bed a little hungry and disappointed, it always seems to him that Aquarius does not love enough. The intimate side of the relationship will be the most tangible drop of tar.