Libra and Taurus Compatibility

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These two signs understand each other perfectly, often even better than people of the same element with them. Taurus almost always becomes the leader in a couple, but Libra does not feel violated and appreciates their partner. Libra, most often more subtle and creative personalities, Taurus are more squat and practical, but both appreciate delicious food, good sex, high-quality things. Their relationship can rarely be called ideal compatibility, but the union of Taurus and Libra turns out to be quite strong, because they both know how to enjoy the little things.
Extremely difficult compatibility, requiring partners to constantly work on themselves and internal changes, which can be quite painful. Libra may seem overly mannered to Taurus, and their behavior is feigned. Especially if we take into account the fact that Libra is generally not too responsible about the promises they give out. And when it turns out that there is nothing real behind their words, no security, Taurus, who need a solid foundation for building relationships, not without reason believe that they were simply deceived. On the other hand, the Taurus themselves, in order to ensure in this union the standard of living to which they are accustomed, have to work quite a lot and hard. However, sometimes Taurus still manages to achieve certain changes in the views and behavior of Libra, for example, to teach them to put their things in a strictly defined place or do gymnastics in the morning.

However, in general, everything is limited to this and, in the end, Taurus simply resign themselves to the fact that they do not have a partner, but a child who is capricious and not very obedient, but who needs constant care. Meanwhile, Libra itself adheres to the opposite point of view on this matter. The obsessive guardianship of Taurus begins to weigh them down. And, despite the fact that they are impressed by the cold reasonableness of Taurus, if they get tired of being boring, they can just slam the door. Meanwhile, Libra's love can inspire Taurus to real feats, although if it does not receive enough return, it may simply get tired and find a more compatible partner born under the sign of Earth or Water.
Libra can't live a day without communication. They constantly need a society where they could not only show off their extremely sharp mind, but also hone it even more in verbal duels. Therefore, if you have just such a partner as a companion, all that is required of you to be compatible with him is to put on your best dress and follow wherever he calls. Even if it doesn't give you that much pleasure.

And although Libra can sometimes show excessive emotionality, they are reasonable enough to stop in time and follow home, where they are already waiting for a delicious dinner, carefully prepared by you, Taurus. Most of all, Libra values comfort and harmony in this life, which they constantly strive for. But providing themselves with spiritual comfort, they simultaneously give it to the one who is next to them.
The business partnership of Taurus and Libra turns out to be quite successful, perhaps even more so than marriage. Working under the guidance of Taurus, Libra must show all their diligence and conscientiousness, in this case Taurus will be able to assess their success and direct activity in the right direction. On the other hand, Taurus as a performer turns out to be simply impeccable, he does his job not only professionally, but also extremely conscientiously, almost never criticizing his boss. So there are no conflicts between them.
In the intimate relationship of Taurus and Libra, there are usually no compatibility problems. Libra is extremely romantic and easily attracts Taurus, and they do it easily and naturally. So physical love gives undoubted pleasure to both partners. Libra plays a leading role here, they easily satisfy Taurus, while they themselves also do not remain at a loss and get exactly as much as they want to get. Although there is a possibility that Taurus will want to show all his assertiveness. In this case, Libra easily gives up the role of leader and simply enjoys the process itself. Both of these signs are controlled by Venus, so there can be no sexual problems between Taurus and Libra by definition.