Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

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Scorpio and Libra pairs are extremely rarely successful. The frivolity and frivolity of Libra infuriates Scorpios, and the distrust of the latter kills any feeling of vulnerable Libra. Happy couples of Libra and Scorpio are rather an exception to the rule. Libra are timid and soft diplomats, Scorpios are assertive and decisive figures. And although usually, opposites can complement and soften each other's sharp corners - this is not the case. Their union can hardly be called unsuccessful, but it will definitely not be ideal. In general, such a pair is common, which is somewhat strange. They like to dream, soar in the clouds, which, on the one hand, makes it easier for them to adapt to this difficult world, and on the other hand, brings a lot of difficulties.
It should be noted that in this compatibility, Scorpio follows Libra directly. Usually zodiac neighbors have a lot to learn from each other. Simplifying, we can say that Libra is looking for the good in every person, and Scorpios are looking for the bad, and both, in this case, act unconsciously. Libra initially treats people positively, because air signs do not have the skills of deep psychological analysis. Trust in their partners, who, as they believe, will be able to deal with their own problems on their own, allows them to feel confident. The Scorpions' distrust is instinctive. Most of their lives they are engaged in self-justification, defending themselves before the court of their own mind. As a result, they are not confident in their partners either. So, in the case of Libra, Scorpios do not know what exactly lies behind the charm of Libra: vices or just frivolity.

Libra is antipathetic to the mental tricks of Scorpios and their whole pretentious inner world as a whole, but that's not even the point. It is unpleasant for them that Scorpios persistently defend their conspiracy beliefs and do not want to correct such an odious view of things. On the one hand, they are right: Scorpios could try to dispel their suspicions, but Libra will still find it difficult to trust them. Libra is burdensome to live without faith in a partner, and Scorpios are initially suspicious of everyone - so why should these two even try to enter into a relationship and establish compatibility? The fact is that Libra likes to solve difficult problems, and tasks are more difficult than making Scorpio see something good in life, despite all his distrust, you can't think of - and Libra accepts the challenge.
Despite all its apparent restraint, Libra is capable of a splash of emotions, which will be in your favor for Scorpios. Indeed, being in this state, they will sincerely tell you in person everything that is on their mind and openly tell you about their preferences (which was a mystery to you). For example, you can find out that they like your crazy infatuation with them, despite the fact that outwardly they reject all unbridledness.

Such confessions are not at all an invitation to irrepressible persecution on their part, but they will help you cope with feelings when Libra will shut herself up in her "ivory tower" (for a couple of weeks). In subsequent conversations with them, you should not mention these revelations in a single word, because, being rebels by nature, they will violently disown them. What to do if these are their ideas about honesty!
In professional and business relationships, the Libra and Scorpio pair works best when personal interactions between them are minimized, because personal compatibility is not up to par. For them, observing the boundaries of personal and business activity is a prerequisite for the success of interaction.

The first sign is distinguished by creativity and foresight, and a balanced language and charm help him to emerge victorious in any negotiations. The second sign of their pair is distinguished by an unshakable will and determination, so it almost always achieves what it wants. By combining their efforts, such a team will turn any mountains. However, Scorpio should reduce the pressure on his partner, since the latter, feeling the pressure, will simply run away from this tandem.
Both Libra and Scorpio like to make love, so their intimacy promises to be exciting. The problems of partners have nothing to do with compatibility in bed - here they form an excellent combination. Difficulties begin after. As already mentioned, the concept of "Scorpio" is often used as a synonym for passion. Few are capable of as long and deep emotional experiences as Scorpios. But obsession - of any kind - is not peculiar to Libra, who, having received satisfaction, immediately switch to something else, for example, start planning the next dinner party.