Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility

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Libra and Sagittarius perfectly find understanding with each other. The signs are strikingly combined in all spheres - business, family, sexual. Partners treat each other with understanding, and have every chance of a long and successful union. Libra is responsive and practical, he is straightforward, but can show some flexibility. Sagittarius is active and cheerful, has a certain tendency to do first and then think. At a meeting, Libra can doubt for a long time and show indecision, but if a spark breaks out between partners, compatibility promises to be successful.
Libra and Sagittarius are separated by only one sign, which means the compatibility of their elements (in this case, Air and Fire) and, accordingly, personalities. Libra and Sagittarius appreciate each other, especially for the ability to make others smile - both like to see joy on people's faces. Sagittarians achieve this with their stories or spiritual revelations, and Libra - with personal charm. When fate brings Sagittarius and Libra together, mutual attraction immediately breaks out between them. The volubility of Sagittarians amuses Libra, who, however, do not believe a single word of them, although they never admit that they ignore the substantive part of the conversation and just enjoy the chatter of partners. Happy Sagittarius cares little about such selectivity of the interlocutor, because they know that sooner or later the Scales will be in his hands. That's right... Sagittarians know how to flirt and, noticing a spark of interest, they will fan the flame until it turns into a kind of forest fire.

Libra, of course, is too restrained to openly express passion, but they themselves like it when others do it. These two instantly find contact with each other, and a mutually beneficial exchange begins between them. Sagittarians can use some of their partner's recommendations in terms of the subtleties of behavior: for example, how to properly demonstrate their interest in the object of sighing - in something, and in this area there is no better expert than Libra. And vice versa. After all, if Libra really wants to give themselves free rein, they need, following the example of Sagittarius, to learn to be indifferent to the opinions of others. In the absence of unforeseen difficulties, this union will bring a lot of pleasure to both.
Neither you, Libra, nor Sagittarius waste time regretting their own behavior. You both know how to embellish it, so as not to worry about what you've done. If it seems to Sagittarians that they have acted inappropriately, they simply choose another way of acting, but do not stop until they achieve what they have planned, and never apologize for their actions. Rather, they will blame everything on the one whom they themselves hurt, telling tales about how they fell victim to him. Sagittarians have a hard time accepting criticism, so if you have problems as a result of their actions, then it will only be your problems. When Sagittarians deny their love, life becomes faded.
It is best for Libra and Sagittarius to build business relations somewhat distantly, when each partner is working on completing his or her area of work and does not expect too much help from the other. Although such partners may be distinguished by a calm attitude towards each other, they should avoid too personal contacts. A lot depends on how much these two are passionate about the common cause.

They are perfect for those types of activities where they can feel needed. Most often these are areas related to helping people and requiring a high proportion of altruism. They will also work well together if the case requires a creative approach. Friction may arise due to the emotionality of both and the incontinence of Sagittarius. They are not recommended for work that requires long-term concentration and high responsibility.
Sagittarius has no equal in sexual compatibility. They are well aware of the flirting technique, using which they easily seduce their aerial partners. The prelude of intimacy at the same time represents the embodiment of a certain spiritual ideal. Air and Fire have everything you need to fan the flame of passion. Sexuality in these relationships is mystical in nature, because both partners, being together, feel connected to their higher self.