Libra and Pisces Compatibility

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Libra and Pisces most often create a kind of neutral union. At the beginning, it looks successful and promising, but subsequently loses its appeal. It can be successful if Pisces has a certain calculation in these relations. The union of Libra and Pisces often lacks sincerity and intimacy. Eternally doubting Libra and dreamy Pisces are very different and in many ways it is difficult for them to find mutual understanding. If both partners can accept each other as they are, the union can become strong and quite successful.

In case of any difficulties, the Scales quickly find the right and elegant solution. However, the actions of Pisces, caused by rather vague motives for themselves, often lead Libra into confusion. The compatibility of Libra and Pisces evokes analogies with the legends of the times of King Arthur. The inner world of Pisces is mysterious and enticing so much that it is difficult to give up the desire to plunge into its magical waters. The amazing eyes of Pisces glow with such refined beauty (beauty is a necessary condition of Libra) that Libra becomes clear - the relationship with this partner will not be ordinary.
The compatibility of love Libra and Pisces has a strange taste. The success of this relationship largely depends on the alignment of the natal charts of both partners. Pisces are subject to change to a greater extent than people of any other sign, because they tend to adopt the properties of the characters and the emotional mood of those with whom they are currently dealing. Both Libra and Pisces in each person try to notice good traits, guided, however, by different motives. Libra likes communication, they are not averse to messing someone's head just to have a good chat with him. Such is the specificity of their personality. They are not able to feel the state of mind of their interlocutor, but they can understand him and give valuable advice.

However, at the end of the conversation, they easily switch to their own affairs, completely not worrying about the conversation that just took place. On the other hand, in order to perceive what is happening around them, Pisces does not even have to enter into verbal contacts with people. They do not separate themselves from others and therefore do not notice the changes that occur to them as a result of someone else's influence. For Pisces, the problem of identification is relevant: it is difficult for them to distinguish their own experiences from outsiders. Unlike Libra, Pisces absorb and accumulate the energies of the people around them, and in order to get rid of them, they have to resort to meditation, hot baths, etc.
Libra, people born under the sign of Pisces, have a complex personality type that requires a thoughtful approach. The range of their manifestations varies from cruelty and egocentricity to complete dedication and compassion. Pisces are not so different from you - they also, sometimes, are thrown from the extreme extreme - the difference lies in the motives. Pisces do not have a strong internal rod, they are easily influenced by other people or circumstances, often losing their individuality at the same time. Despite the fact that Pisces are able to rise to their feet after the blows of fate, you never know what metamorphoses their mental organization managed to undergo in connection with such a cataclysm, and under whose influence they were.

Pisces can sink into a deep depression for months or drink black without realizing the reasons for their depression. Although some slovenliness of Pisces may offend your refined nature, learn not to inflate your cheeks if they are wearing different socks, and try to perceive such episodes as cute absurdity, and not as a reason for moralizing. Pisces will never judge a book by its cover, no matter how hard you try to convince them of the correctness of this approach. Work on your compatibility.
In the professional and business sphere, a pair of Libra and Pisces can form excellent business relationships, their compatibility for business is positive. Although the interests of these partners may be different, they are able to work in the same direction. Compatibility enhances their ability to get along and work side by side on an ongoing basis. These two will be particularly successful in areas that require the identification of current trends and forecasting abilities, as well as in the field of research and development of new products or technologies.
Despite the fact that Libra usually consciously approaches the choice of partners for sex, no logic can explain their passion for Pisces. Both are seduced by the beauty of the partner, although Libra is more active here. The love heat generated by them serves as a very favorable background for their intimacy, but Pisces should beware of excessive attachment to their lover. And Libra needs to avoid sharp emotional swings and rapid transitions from ardor to dispassion and vice versa (they are characterized by a rapid change of mental dominance).