Libra and Libra Compatibility

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When two identical signs meet, there are usually no problems with understanding, especially if the signs belong to the air element. The relations of Libra and Libra are in a state of balance and harmony. Both partners know what they want, are able to compromise and appreciate each other. The relationship of the partners is quite unpredictable, despite their similar qualities. It would seem that two partners with the same worldview and life values should understand each other perfectly, but sometimes they form just the same explosive mixture that can explode out of the blue.
The natural result of the compatibility of the Scales is a balance. They prefer people who play by their rules in building relationships. These two are all tied up in a relationship. Both are cardinal (aggressive) Air (mind-oriented), so they are happy to meet the challenges of fate, although sometimes they complain when once again they have to make a fateful decision. And both Libra likes chasing, but not necessarily catching prey. Rather, they will tease and seduce using their charm and charming smile. However, other Libra are also familiar with this tactic, so in the case of them it is ineffective.
You are infamous for your ability to simultaneously assess any situation from diametrically opposite points of view, so that when meeting with other Scales, the course of events and the result are unpredictable. You color the courtship process with expensive restaurants and a good movie, but you scatter in different directions immediately after the end of the love game. Both comfort and discomfort are present in these relationships (Libra always has a balance), since mutual sympathy is balanced by the absence of intrigue. Boredom is the curse of any air sign. The worst moment in the compatibility of Libra and Libra is their reflex desire to take polar positions in any dispute. For example, if one says, "We need to turn left," the other will insist, "No, right." The difficulty lies in the fact that both do not have fundamental beliefs on this or that issue.

One of the Libra, for example, can defend a conservative point of view only because his partner adheres to liberal views. This pair resembles twins mirroring each other. Fortunately, neither of them likes strict obligations, and therefore, as soon as it comes to marriage between them, despite all their talk about the need for a serious relationship, they immediately forget about their plans. The compatibility of partners is characterized by a kind of psychological balancing act (since they are used to taking opposite sides in their disputes), which consists in a constant change of behavioral model. Today, one of them seems strong and aggressive, while the other is weak and submissive, then a somersault follows, and the one who was fragile suddenly turns out to be brave, and vice versa. Such transitions, in the end, can tire both. By identifying each other in this way, they refuse to assume any risks or obligations. There is no binding emotional connection between Libra, and therefore these partners, following multidirectional courses, may not notice the collapse of their union.
Creating a business or working in a team in those areas that are related to services is preferable for partners. Getting their projects to bring financial returns is another matter. Libra and Libra compatibility will be more successful as part of a team if its other members have practical skills that they lack. One partner sees the task and several ways to solve it. Most likely, he will doubt which one is the best. And if two people who are representatives of Libra are working on the task, they will quickly find the best option through negotiations. Two representatives of Venus have a beneficial effect on each other, supporting in difficult situations, and increase labor productivity several times.
For most air signs, sex serves more to relieve mental stress than to satisfy physiological needs. In the case of Libra and Libra, everything is fine in sexual compatibility: both find each other attractive, prefer to maintain an unassuming relationship and want to bind a partner to themselves to a greater extent than they are attached to him themselves. It is, of course, funny to be reflected in each other as in a mirror, but this leads to a rapid emasculation of love passion. These two should wrap their relationship in a veil of mystery, which is not easy, because they have to carefully correlate their individuality with the personality of their partner.