Libra and Capricorn Compatibility

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Romantic and emotional Libra, at first glance, are completely incompatible with rational and dry Capricorns. Nevertheless, the union of Libra and Capricorn is considered one of the good ones, they perfectly complement each other, find both love and friendship. Libra is a complex sign full of contradictions. Representatives of this sign constantly fluctuate, rushing from one extreme to the other, in search of an imaginary balance. Capricorn, on the contrary, is unemotional and soberly assesses the situation. His calmness balances and extinguishes the emotional outbursts of Libra.
Libra and Capricorn are aggressive signs, which implies their initially active position in terms of achieving their goals. Libra wants to establish as many relationships as possible and feel a sense of community with other people. Capricorns need to build, and it doesn't matter what: a family, a career or a house (the main thing is that the result exceeds the starting indicators). At the first meeting, it may seem that compatibility between them is out of the question. Libra may not like the Capricorn style or the stoic system of views that this stubborn, traditionalist subject adheres to.

Capricorns, in turn, will be alien to the superficiality of Libra and their tendency to hang out. However, as always, the difference in the worldviews of the two antagonists contributes to their mutual attraction. Libra is secretly impressed by the sense of security emanating from Capricorns, and those like the light, cheerful energy of Libra, which can blow up the daily monotony of their life. These are the origins of their compatibility with each other and, in fact, the basis for establishing a relationship, provided that each of the partners respects the independence of the other (that is, will do without control).
Capricorn, this may shock you somewhat, but Libra can behave very frivolously. So, it doesn't cost them anything to have a nice chat with unpleasant people for them, and then rudely treat those they love, and vice versa. For Libra, it is not a personal disposition to the interlocutor that matters, but the observance of justice (in their understanding) in relation to him. Despite all your authority. If you want to maintain compatibility, then Capricorns, you will have to come to terms with the fact that Libra needs to flirt and communicate with a lot of people.

However, know that the more you allow them, the more they will want to return to your arms. So try to loosen the reins and give them the opportunity to make acquaintances; the fact is that they rarely go beyond flirting. Capricorns, disappointed by the constant search for beauty undertaken by their partners on the side, are advised to point out to them the dishonesty of such behavior. And it doesn't matter what exactly their offense might have been; the accusation of injustice is the worst for Libra.
As partners and colleagues, Libra and Capricorns are able to make consistent efforts and ensure high quality work. However, their compatibility is such that each partner prefers to go their own way and not listen to the other. When one of these two is the boss, he must be very careful, it is important to treat the employee with respect and not infringe on his dignity. Sometimes both can be stubborn at the same time, which will slow down their work. Therefore, it is recommended that they always remember the goal they are going to.
Capricorns are passionate partners and prefer the physiological side of the process, which does not mean at all only a quick and thoughtless satisfaction of carnal desire on their part. And Libra is used to perceiving sex simply as an easy pleasure and nothing more. Each of them probably feels something significant for themselves in the other: Libra - stability and security, and Capricorns - grace (it is proximity that allows us to at least sometimes come into contact with what we have an inner need for).