Libra and Cancer Compatibility

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Cancer and Libra live in completely different planes: Cancer wants to experience vivid feelings in love, Libra is looking for full intellectual intimacy. Libra without understanding refers to the mood swings of Cancer, which feels insecure because of the coldness and superficial emotions of the partner. Cancer is too temperamental and jealous for windy Libra. It is not easy for them to achieve mutual understanding in sex, and this upsets Cancer. Both Libra and the Cancer woman love to live in a beautiful house, but Libra also needs parties, guests and pleasures on the side. When Cancer begins to criticize Libra - especially for extravagance - they go in search of another companion.
It is not always possible to reach mutual understanding in the compatibility of Cancer and Libra immediately. The best way to explain the situation in this couple is the saying "I found a scythe on a stone" Cancer has to take on an unusual role of a family member making major decisions, since Libra is constantly fluctuating and cannot decide on anything. This eventually becomes simply tedious and then the hidden conflict spills out with the most unexpected consequences. However, Libra can unexpectedly show incredible stubbornness, then Cancer has to give in. This is how grievances accumulate, which in the end can completely disrupt compatibility and permanently separate partners.

Libra at first readily recognizes the intellectual superiority of Cancers, moreover, they even like it. But subsequently, the constant realization that your partner is much smarter than you and is able not only to calculate your every step in advance, but even to read your thoughts, creates a feeling of a kind of prison cell. And if Libra, with their inconstancy, eventually decides to commit adultery, it only finally destroys the marriage. Cancer will not forgive infidelity, under any circumstances.
Libra, like all libra in the world, most of all strive for harmony and balance. They are kind, tactful, respect the rules of the game and never break them, while they are well-mannered and usually have a good sense of humor. Libra has a heightened sense of justice, so anything that violates it can cause them just a storm of indignation. Easily finds a common language with people, and if a conflict situation arises, Libra will easily settle it by finding the necessary compromises. If it seems to you that he is too indecisive, then this is only because before making a final decision, Libra needs to carefully weigh all the Pros and Cons.
But in the business compatibility of Cancer and Libra, everything can work out quite well, especially if it is Cancer who will lead the project. Despite all the artistry of his nature. He is incredibly practical, easily copes with conflicts and bypasses sharp corners. At the same time, Cancers have remarkable organizational skills that help them plan everything correctly. Libra is active and energetic and they work with great pleasure under the guidance of Cancer, who makes important and necessary decisions for them. Just do not forget to double-check all the figures and prepared documents after completing the work.
Cancer and Libra live in completely different dimensions, which fully concerns their sexual compatibility. Cancers are exceptionally sensitive and emotional, Libra is simply too cold for them. This detachment of Libra, in turn, awakens the jealousy of Cancer, which simply does not understand such behavior. Endless suspicions on the part of a friend lead to the fact that Libra simply begins to feel its own uselessness, and this is a direct path to impotence. On the other hand, the lack of attention from Libra and their misunderstanding of the simple fact that Cancers really need both gentle words and periodic affectionate touches can become a prelude of frigidity for a partner. And this despite the fact that both of these signs are incredibly sentimental and both love to dream so much.