Leo Compatibility

Controlled by the Sun and the element of fire, Leo is the source of life for his partner. Many people want to bask in its rays, recharge with optimism, generosity and generosity. In love compatibility Leo tends to occupy a dominant position, especially if it concerns Leo in love. Just like the planets revolve around the Sun, he wants to be in the center of a crowd of fans. Flattery, compliments and admiration are his main sources of pleasure. Only how he will act in a marriage union remains only to find out in Leo family compatibility.

Leo is one of the warmest and most loving zodiac signs. He is invariably generous to his loved ones, loves to give them generously, even for no apparent reason. He chooses active and positive people to be his companions, who are able to evaluate and emphasize his merits. In a love union, he is always No. 1, giving his partner the opportunity to bask in the rays of reflected glory, read Leo compatibility in detail. But in financial compatibility Leo does not feel the same as in another sphere, here he is very careful and acts carefully.
Ambition and narcissism often negatively affects the psychological health of Leo, because they have no desire to fight for victory, but there is a feeling that the world is obliged to present gifts for the fact of existence. They react painfully to criticism like children, they can hide resentment, but most often it is read. Both women and men, together with royal features, have been endowed by nature with a rich creative potential and generosity, a desire to be noticed, and the crown can be seen within a kilometer, since self-esteem is the main trump card of a Leo.