Leo and Virgo Compatibility

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When Leo meets Virgo, both are fascinated by each other. Lions subconsciously reach out to people who are sure that they have an idea about everything in the world - and Virgos just have their own opinion on any issue. If the partners treat each other's shortcomings with understanding, they will have a strong and long-term relationship. Leo is the owner and the unquestioning head of the family, but a soft Virgin is quite satisfied with this arrangement. With such compatibility, Virgo will be an excellent hostess and wife, a caring mother, and at the same time not strive to come to the fore. But, despite this understanding, due to their different characters, Virgo and Leo may not understand each other. Leo is a pronounced extrovert, and Virgo is too closed and closed.
At first, the Virgos are polite, showing the Lions, fascinated by the tactful behavior of the partner, due modesty. Virgos, impressed by the splendor of Lions, are noticeably less prone to criticism than usual. They are attracted by the power of Lions, as well as the understanding that these powerful creatures need a certain amount of care, with which the Virgos do an excellent job.

Lions really want to get recognition from their partners, but it's not easy to earn the approval of Virgins. Thus, the Lions have the opportunity to express themselves in all their glory - after all, fire signs love challenges. Lions are childishly spontaneous, they prefer to make broad gestures and adore when they are served. Virgos are adult creatures, regardless of their actual age; they appreciate simplicity, not drama, and are happy to oblige... until then. The relationship between Leo and Virgo begins perfectly and will remain so as long as the Lions are ready to accept the changes that this union will inevitably be subject to.
Lions like to be pampered, Virgo. Offering your ruler morning coffee, serving him in bed and watching the silence if he is still asleep is just part of the rules of the game, acceptable in compatibility with them. Lions really like this treatment, but soon they begin to take it for granted. So it is better to reserve "special" behavior in advance (for example, excessive helpfulness) for important events such as birthdays. Lions are really sensitive to criticism, and although they try not to show it, they are hurt by your criticisms.
As work colleagues, the working compatibility of Leo and Virgo can succeed, but on condition that they avoid emotions. Compatibility is quite positive, although as business partners they may feel a certain distrust of each other, which can easily make them alienated. In business, these two can be successful in a wide variety of enterprises, it is desirable to set objective goals, and pay attention to the fact that you just need to do everything without fuss and worry. If any problem happens, do not immediately run to solve it alone, but try to solve it together and everything will get better.
Even if the Lions are able to demonstrate aerobatics in sexual compatibility, the Virgos will not fail to pay attention to all sorts of unpleasant little things, like the excessively developed vegetation of Lions. This example is indicative of their relationship. Lions are ardent creatures, and Virgos are characterized by more refined emotional manifestations. However, surprisingly, pure and virtuous Virgos are able to ignite such a primal passion, which can be a shock to their unsuspecting partners. Of course, the very fact of intimacy between them means that the Lions have already been tested for suitability by hundreds of tests developed by Virgo.