Leo and Taurus Compatibility

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Leo and Taurus are quite compatible in all areas. If these two come together, then, most often, their union will last a long time and will be harmonious. Taurus in this pair is more down-to-earth, but they are able to "kindle the fire" of Leo and enjoy it. At the same time, if necessary, a calmer Taurus will be able to easily control an impulsive and emotional Leo.

The compatibility of Taurus and Leo may seem strange and cause doubts to an outsider. Yet Leo prefers brilliance, generosity and admiration, and Taurus prefers calmness and poise. Paradoxically, Taurus captivates the brilliant Leo in a matter of days, leaving others perplexed.
It is very difficult for these partners to find mutual understanding. Taurus does not immediately decide on marriage, however, if it does happen, they will demand the utmost honesty from their second half, however, paying exactly the same coin. If Leo fails to show his character and gets under pressure, he will find himself in the position of a family slave. In the same case, Leo will be able to stand up for himself, then there will inevitably be a constant clash of interests and a showdown, which, however, can quickly get bored with one of the partners.

Taurus directs his efforts to accumulate sufficient funds and create material prosperity. The Royal Lion is not used to thinking about such trifles, he was born to spend money, not save it. Leo is used to being surrounded by people who admire and worship him, so Taurus is inevitably destined to vegetate in his shadow. Which, in general, few partners can like. Another extremely important point is that Leo is polygamous by nature and he will always have partners. An honest and straightforward Taurus is unlikely to put up with this fact for a long time. And they certainly do not intend to reconsider their views on life. As, however, the Lion.
Leo is extremely cheerful, confident and full of optimism. To create perfect compatibility with him, let Leo feel your sincere love, and you will be rewarded for it in full. He alone is ready to go out against the whole army, the Lion will enter into the most unequal battle, just to protect his partner and his family. Sometimes it seems that the Lion appeared from another era. This is a real knight, a real king. He is ready to fight for his dream and conquer any kingdom. Unfortunately, in our time, the ideals and superiority of Leo are often mistaken for ordinary arrogance, having failed to discern a subtle and very vulnerable soul behind these armor.
In the case when Leo is subordinate to Taurus, such a partnership is not very successful. A thorough and meticulous Taurus will direct all his efforts to the re-education of Leo, meanwhile, Leo least of all intends to do what he is ordered to do, he intends to do exclusively what he is interested in. Realizing the meaninglessness of his mission, Taurus will simply dismiss such an employee as calmly as possible and without unnecessary scandals. But everything changes if, on the contrary, a Lion turns out to be in a leadership position. A hardworking, diligent and careful Taurus – you can only dream of such a subordinate. Having met him, Leo will make every effort to lure him to his company and the result really will not disappoint him.
But as for the sexual compatibility of Taurus and Leo, it is quite high. Leo fills intimate relationships with energy, Taurus, in turn, feeds this energy with its beauty. Despite Leo's domineering and domineering nature, he is a gentle lover in the bedroom, especially if there was a quarrel before that. Actually, from the point of view of Leo, the bedroom is the best place for reconciliation, the king of beasts cannot bring oral apologies by definition. On the other hand, it is earthly sensual love that is the best argument for Taurus, they can't stand long conversations and clarifying relationships, but body language is understandable like no one else. Oddly enough, but it is the partner born under the sign of Taurus that allows Leo to feel like a true king in bed.