Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

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Leo and Scorpio form a bright, active and successful pair of two strong personalities. However, as in all unions where both partners are leaders by nature, the most difficult thing for them is to learn to give in and forgive each other's mistakes. If the partners comprehend this art, everyone will receive a reliable and loving life partner. Leo and Scorpio belong to the opposite elements - Fire and Water.

Leo is friendly and open, loves to be the center of attention; Scorpio loves and appreciates loneliness. Despite the obvious differences, both personalities are strong and passionate, their relationship will never become gray and insipid. However, they will have to learn to coexist peacefully in everyday life. There may be problems with compatibility in this pair.
Leo is a fixed Fire, and Scorpio is a fixed Water; based on astrological concepts, they form a not without contradictions combination. Lions adore public admiration and theatricality, while Scorpios are thoughtful, immersed in their own reflections and prefer solitude. And, nevertheless, they are attractive to each other. In compatibility with Scorpio, Lions are impressed by their spiritual strength, and those admire the regal brilliance of Lions, especially compared to their own emotional state.

Scorpios don't trust anyone, but Lions trust everyone. Fixed signs have their own reality, they like the structure of their inner world - they feel comfortable there. Convincing them of something is a difficult task, but if Scorpios are confident in themselves (that is, they are strong enough to move away from their stereotypes and look at the situation through the eyes of another person), then they have chances to enrich their own experience as a result of these relationships, as well as to get to know themselves better, which is whatever value.
Leo, Scorpions are able to see through. If they want to, they will easily scan your soul for "skeletons in the closet". To survive in this harsh world to them, they created a kind of safety zone around themselves in childhood. Only being sure of the seriousness of your feelings towards them, Scorpios will decide to let you into their inner world in order to get rid of their phobias with your help. The negativism of Scorpios is associated with their initial belief that every person is as knowledgeable and introspective as they are. Subsequently, when a completely different picture of the world begins to emerge, they have to experience the strongest disappointment.

Scorpios never forget anything. That's why if you forget to fulfill some promise of yours, they will be sure of deliberate disregard for their interests, after which they will immediately make a peremptory and difficult-to-eliminate judgment about you. They do not trust people and therefore will constantly arrange checks for your loyalty. You need to understand that Scorpios have a secret life, which they also need to pay some attention to. If you understand the realities of your partner (albeit very different from yours), then you will ensure good and long-term compatibility with him.
The compatibility of the Leo and Scorpio pair as work colleagues is not favorable, since the contradictions characteristic of them rarely bring people success in the professional sphere. Leo and Scorpio, as business partners interested in achieving success in their endeavors, are a slightly more successful couple. If you realize that something is going wrong, talk to your partner in order to solve problems together.
The compatibility of Fire and Water contributes to the formation of a thick fog, and therefore partners will need some time to deal with the consequences of such a connection. If Leo and Scorpio manage to get to the bedroom, it will be hot and fun there... although their way to bed is by no means covered with flowers. Few are capable of such deep feelings as Scorpio.

It is peculiar to him to painfully experience his love - past or present. Lions like the romantic depths of Scorpios, but over time they want to see more obvious signs of affection on their part. Scorpios, unlike Lions, are not inclined to flaunt their emotions, which can cause disagreements between them.