Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

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The union of Leo and Sagittarius can rightfully be considered one of the best, both in the business sphere and in love. Partners are suitable for each other, they have similar views on life, characters and temperament. Leo is courteous, self–confident and attracts the attention of women with his manner of behavior and communication.

He is overbearing and strives to be in charge in everything. Sagittarius is open, cheerful, straightforward, and friendly. They are purposeful and energetic. Both partners are strong personalities, passion is burning between them. However, passion is not only love, but also resentment and jealousy. Both Leo and Sagittarius partners need to learn how to find compromises.
When compatibility happens between two fiery signs, sparks begin to fly in the air - sparks of passion, anger and insight. The Union of Lions and Streltsy is very "fire-dangerous". Sagittarius is changeable, and Leo is a fixed sign, so the success of this combination depends on Sagittarius' ability to adjust to the often stubborn Leo. Sagittarians are a kind of wanderers, spreading the light of truth and illuminating the twilight emptiness of other souls with it.

They are endowed with a rich imagination and imagine life through the prism of fantasy castles, knights and maidens. Lions are also no strangers to fantasy, and they can easily play along with Sagittarius, provided that they will still perceive them as overlords. For Sagittarians, this is not a problem; they need participants to stage, and Lions are able to turn any drama into high art. Meeting for the first time, they instantly recognize the fire burning in each of them. Sagittarians are talkative and boastful, and Lions are unshakable and egocentric. Together they form a worthy compatibility with each other.
Sagittarius, if you want, the Lions will show their truly regal appearance in front of you. Their sophistication and pride make a particularly strong impression. Don't be surprised if Leo suddenly decides to appropriate all the laurels of a recent successful collaboration and ignores your role. Being a fixed sign, Lions cannot quickly abandon their usual way of thinking or acting.

However, this behavior of the partner will give you the opportunity to practice the art of humility and feel for yourself what it means to be deprived of all merit (in relation to others, you yourself do this without a twinge of conscience). You will also understand how ugly it is to appropriate all the glory only to yourself. If you tell Leo about your disappointment, he will probably never forget to mention your name again.
Working and business relationships between Leo and Sagittarius rarely bring success, although compatibility between them is good. The success of this partnership is possible only at the highest management levels, where innovation can be highly appreciated. In fact, you can achieve both higher goals and lower positions, for this you will need to interact together in a team and then the top of your career will not keep you waiting long!
Two fire signs, of course, can set the heat in bed, but these two interact with each other somewhat better than each of them with Aries. Sagittarians like the fantasies of his royal partner, and Lions love to shine in any play in which there is a throne. Leo and Sagittarius are having a great time together! Sexually, there are always sparks flying between them. For both zodiac signs there are no boundaries in sex and this is the best for them.