Leo and Leo Compatibility

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Lions together are always the most noticeable, bright and even defiant couple in any company. They are cheerful, friendly, their behavior is full of dignity, both of them are winners in life. Lions love success and chic, so stick to each other, if not for this fact, internal contradictions would not allow them to build a strong relationship. In society, a beautiful pair of Lions, as a rule, are envied. But despite the beautiful picture, inside this compatibility, often not everything is as smooth as it seems. Both partners love and know how to be in charge, and not one wants to give up his place on the podium. Lions are somewhat hysterical, which often irritate the partner. In addition, both have too short-sighted attitude to money, and both partners are used to living beautifully and richly.
There is no doubt that Lions are best understood by Lions. After all, the kings of the beasts easily notice their own kind, recognizing them by feigned humility and other tricks used to attract attention. Partners can clearly discern when their own tactics are being used by other Lions, who, in turn, each time find out in an incomprehensible way that they are exposed. Unlike most other zodiac signs that are not too supportive of their astrological counterparts, compatibility between Lions is usually good.

Lions literally light up with delight when there is someone next to them with whom you can openly discuss the burning problem of the lack of attention to such royal persons from the rest of the world. As a rule, partners at one time were traumatized by their own fathers, and therefore now they are tormented by the question: are they really worthy of anything? They determine a person's virtue based on his degree of admiration for them. In case of successful completion of the "exam", such people are invited to bask in the rays of the royal luminary. Since the recognition of each other by Lions occurs almost instantly, they converge faster than other zodiac pairs of the same sign (even fixed ones). When Lions are compatible, each of them is seized with admiration at the sight of their own features, so perfectly distinguishable in another person: for example, a bright, shining smile, unshakable confidence and inner security are characteristic of most Lions.
The easiest way to get problems with a Lion is to ignore or criticize him, without giving him an opportunity to explain himself. There is nothing shocking in the fact that you are both egocentric, that in your compatibility you use each other in order to get approval, which is necessary for a sense of comfort. But since each of the Lions wants to play first fiddle, someone will have to step back into the background... and this is difficult. The situation will worsen even more if such a noble gesture is not accompanied by gratitude from the favored partner. Being offended, you stop radiating your natural optimism, which causes the surrounding world to plunge into darkness.

If you're both depressed, it gets really bad. And since Leo is characterized by a certain stubbornness, the "cloudy weather" can drag on for a long time. Pride and egocentrism are your worst qualities, because, being hurt, you are not inclined to see your fault in the misunderstanding that has arisen. It is easier to settle disagreements with people of other signs, but it is almost impossible to hear apologies from you, Lions, despite their mutual expectation. If the problem is not started, then it will be relatively easy to break through to each other. But in case of a prolonged conflict, you risk establishing your opinion of the Leo partner as a bad person, worthy only of your righteous anger. It's bad if you both consider yourself the injured party, because to get out of the situation you need a person who would recognize your rightness. In all likelihood, this relationship will be noisy and dramatic.
Leo and Leo's business cooperation creates strong and reliable ties, and, therefore, is a great value for the company in which they work. The peculiarity of their business relations is that conflicts between them are inevitable. But, as a rule, they come out of them with dignity. It is desirable that at such moments no one gets between the opponents - they can settle all the differences themselves. In the case of such outcomes, it is simply not necessary to interfere and try to resolve the conflict between the Lions.
Two fire signs, Leo and Leo, focused on themselves, can become a powerful magnet for each other. At first, a strong mutual attraction inevitably arises in this compatibility, but sooner or later the Lions begin to fight for primacy, and as a result, each of them manages to set fire to the other's fur. Despite the mutual passion, the partners who value attention the most, sooner or later the question arises: "Who is in charge here?" Partners have an innate ability to communicate with each other, but they are so thoroughly aware of their own motives that it can get boring in the lion's bedroom over time.