Leo and Gemini Compatibility

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The relationship of this couple begins with a bright and beautiful romance, their fervor and passion can last for many years if Leo does not turn into an eternally dissatisfied loser, and Gemini into a bored housewife. The main thing in the relationship of Gemini and Leo is constant development and self-improvement. A partner born under the sign of Gemini is smart and talented. Gemini is quite contradictory, the burning passions in her are side by side with calmness and peacefulness. An affair with a life-loving Leo flares up like a match, and burns brightly, but after a while there may be a decline and compatibility will come to an end.
Excellent and dynamically developing relationships. Both Gemini and Leo are very fond of getting the joys of life, and such a union will provide them in full. Sex, romance, joint travel and everything else, without which these purposeful and extremely active partners cannot live, but what is most pleasant, all this will be based on love for them. The Twins willingly meet the Lions in their game when they talk about their true royal greatness, playing along and pretending to take their bragging at face value. Leo gets the opportunity to demonstrate himself in all his glory, while the Twins bask in the rays of their royal greatness. Both partners are well aware of all the benefits that such a union gives them, and they achieve any set goals without any problems.
Although this couple has good compatibility, you, Gemini, should remember that Leo is very easy to inflame, for example, if it seems to him that you spend too much time outside the house and do not pay enough attention to him. The royal essence of Leo cannot do without constant reverence and the first thing that comes to his mind is, of course, treason. You don't even understand what you're risking. In fact, there are more than enough reasons for Lions to be annoyed – for example, the faucet is not closed in the bathroom or dinner is not cooked on time, lost keys – Gemini are so frivolous. However, more often than not, Lions treat all such life's little things with the generosity characteristic of royal personages. Moreover, Gemini very skillfully use saving flattery.
Business relations in a pair of Gemini and Leo also turn out to be quite harmonious, and partners like not only to work, but also to relax together. Leo is extremely active by nature, which means that he will be impressed by the constant readiness of the Gemini for change and even some of them for adventures. This compatibility, in which partners respect each other's personality, ability to act independently and unwillingness to restrict the freedom of the other, can be almost ideal. Especially if the Gemini do not forget to periodically encourage Leo and admire him.
Intimate compatibility between Gemini and Leo develops easily and very naturally. Versatile and such lively Twins are able to awaken a truly bestial passion in Lions, so that their sex will always be full of fire and ebullient energy. Gemini understands perfectly well that Lions are idealists by nature and their imagination, inflamed by Mercury, helps them play along with him, so that he feels like a real king in bed. It is impossible even to convey how important this is for Leo, who is most afraid of showing inconsistency in this particular area. With Gemini, the Lions feel like ideal lovers, at the same time, discovering all new, hitherto unknown sides in Gemini.