Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

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To outsiders, Leo and Capricorn seem absolutely incompatible - the stubborn conservative Capricorn and the bright and brilliant Leo. Indeed, such unions are very rare, but they can be successful and happy if each of the partners gives the other what he needs. Basically, the compatibility of Leo and Capricorn is based mainly on partnership. This is the case when you can say: "A marriage of convenience can be happy if the calculation is done correctly." Leo - becomes the center of attention in any company, and Capricorn likes to possess what is desired by others.
When looking at the relationship between Leo and Capricorn, an interesting metaphor comes to mind: Lions are like children, but they learn to be adults, and Capricorns are adults who learn to be children. It is easy to assume that such compatibility will develop instantly, but, as happens with all worthwhile things, its implementation will require some effort. And then various psychological aspects come into play: Lions are looking for an inner father, due to the fact that the real one was too weak or absent at all; Capricorns embody an external father, because they had to engage in self-education and grow up too early.

The self-esteem of Lions depends on the opinions of other people, by nature they are optimists. Capricorns add self-confidence to the result of their own actions, they are characterized by pragmatism. Lions like applause, Capricorns don't. The Lions are waiting for the job to be done, and the Capricorns are engaged in it. Obviously, a kind of rhythmicity is clearly traced here. Leo and Capricorn can really achieve something together if they want to go beyond their usual ideas about the world and recognize the possibility of having a different, more perfect approach to life than the one they have followed so far.
Capricorns with cold prudence seek to gain control over all processes that affect their interests in one way or another. In their activities, they proceed from the principle of utility, which is decisive for them. Lions, if you behave too independently or expectantly, compatibility with Capricorns will not be achieved and they will leave you.

Capricorns need good reasons to maintain a relationship, and the effectiveness of the proposed union is one of them. Never try to flatter them, they are too practical to take such primitive techniques seriously. You should understand that they are used to evaluating everything from the point of view of necessity or compliance with the goal. Perhaps you will be able to set up your Capricorn in a more playful way. Remember: they will never do anything just for fun.
Business compatibility between Leo and Capricorn can be contradictory. As a rule, one of the partners has more experience and demonstrates superiority to the other. Therefore, the competitiveness of their business is questionable. Leo and Capricorn, as a rule, should focus on what they can learn from each other, and not on the struggle for power. Business relations are favorable for creative projects of all kinds, especially those related to art.
Even people who are far from astrology have probably already realized that Leo and Capricorn are not the most successful, in terms of compatibility, compatibility option. Their elements (Fire and Earth) are hopeless when combined. But perhaps you don't know yet that they hide deep passions in themselves, which, if infected, can turn their intimacy into a kind of roller coaster race, with corresponding differences and speeds. By the way, Lions like it when their world is shaken, if the process itself is fun (and especially when they control what is happening). They also want someone to be fascinated by them... and for this they have a wonderful partner in the person of Capricorn.