Leo and Cancer Compatibility

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Cancer has to get used to the emotions spilling out of Leo over the edge. In other respects, a generous, sincere, strong Leo is exactly what an insecure Cancer is looking for. Cancer and Leo compatibility can be successful and happy. Cancer's amazing intuition tells him exactly how to handle a proud and bright Lion. To make a Lion purr peacefully, it will take admiration and a large dose of flattery. Leo dominates the bedroom, he is too straightforward in sex for Cancer. But Leo's cheerfulness is an excellent antidote to Cancer's gloom.
The beginning of the love compatibility of Cancer and Leo may be successful, but the happy period is unlikely to last too long. To the limit, the domestic Cancer will try to tame the Lion and domesticate it, but without public attention and external brilliance, the Lions will not last long. In addition, Leo is often completely incomprehensible to the behavior of Cancer, full of mystery, and sometimes intrigues, which Lions certainly do not tolerate. However, Cancer can manifest its lunar nature in the form of adoration, constant care and love for a partner, and this can smooth out many contradictions. Tender care, when Cancer acts either as a kind and affectionate mother, or as a little girl in need of protection and patronage, evoke a response from the masculine principle, which is unusually strong in Lions.

However, in order for these relationships to become truly harmonious, Leo must be ready for selfless love, and this can not always be expected from him. But at first, the compatibility of Cancer and Leo will be filled with a certain charm, the acquaintance will gradually develop into significant romantic feelings. If both partners can ignore the unavoidable domestic problems and retain the initial mutual admiration, then the relationship will be able to last for some time. And then the union of Cancer and Leo can be called an ideal example of how strength can be combined with wisdom.
The Leo does not go unnoticed wherever he appears. He loves sports and loves to win them. In general, it is very important for him to win and feel everyone's admiration. The Sun controls the Lion, which means that sunlight is simply vital to him, so the representative of this sign spends so much time outdoors. Leo is an extrovert by nature, he loves noisy companies very much, although sometimes he is unnecessarily badass. But just like in a fight, he rushes headlong into love adventures, because Lions do not tolerate half measures in anything. However, he also has a weak spot. To maintain good compatibility, you should know that Lions are very partial to flattery, even if they guess that the interlocutor is not entirely sincere with them. And this is something you can use.
Cancer is intelligent and well versed in business matters, although it may turn out to be somewhat slow. In order for him to enjoy his work, it is necessary that there be creativity in it, and if Leo manages to provide it, he will receive a very valuable partner or employee. Moreover, the extraordinary sensitivity of Cancer will help to smooth out conflicts that can arise every now and then when communicating with such a powerful sign as Leo. Cancer-the head usually relies on Leo-the subordinate in many matters, because he is not too happy with administrative routine work.
Cancer is the Moon, Leo is the Sun. Although both partners feel a strong sexual attraction at first, it inevitably weakens over time, unless Cancer and Leo learn to skillfully mix their own essences. Leo can turn out to be too impulsive and demanding in bed, or, even worse, to be careless.

Whereas Cancer is extremely sensitive, evasive and often shows passivity. But if Leo turns out to be a little more affection and tenderness, this can make intimate compatibility extremely harmonious, because as the Moon reflects sunlight, so Cancer is very receptive and responsive sexually. It is only important that Leo does not perceive the mood swings of Cancer depending on the lunar cycle for lack of love, in turn, Cancer needs to understand that Leo's apparent detachment can be caused by strong emotional experiences, and not by his indifference at all.