Leo and Aries Compatibility

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Aries and Leo are exceptionally proud and seek to rule. An aggressive Aries will never agree to take the position of a subordinate, and Leo, the king of animals, needs constant admiration. Usually they manage to settle this contradiction — in this compatibility, Leo plays the role of emperor, and Aries becomes commander-in-chief. The trick is that neither of them takes the other completely seriously. Being violent and passionate, Aries and Leo can become excellent partners in sex. Aries is optimistic, Leo is generous and good-natured. If they do not humiliate each other and come to a compromise on the issue of power, the union will be happy.
Aries and Leo are an unusually fruitful union. Both Aries and Leo have not only a huge reserve of vital energy, but also incredible creative potential. And although both of these signs are distinguished by vulnerable self-esteem, Aries is able to inspire Leo to be active, where he will be able to demonstrate himself in all his glory. Aries will lead the party of the second voice and all together will merge into a very beautiful duet. Aries and Leo are an almost indestructible union in which Aries act as spiritual mentors of Lions.

But what is no less surprising, in this compatibility, Lions, usually incredibly regal and proud, are very willing to listen to exactly the advice that Aries gives them. But there is one small condition here: in order for everything to work out, Aries must love his Leo. If this is not the case, the Lions feel it incredibly quickly, and in this case, nothing can keep them around. But most often, Aries and Leo are distinguished by rare stability and mutual understanding. Although minor quarrels cannot be avoided here, this is just the case about which they say "cute scold – only amuse themselves."
Leo is very easy to charm, especially you, Aries, because Leo has an ardent and enthusiastic nature. And soon after your short acquaintance, you can expect that he will offer you his hand and heart. However, Leo is convinced that your destiny is only in the shadow of his royal person. This has its advantages. With such compatibility, Leo will constantly feel responsible for you, he will pamper you, buy gifts and take you to resorts. However, in return, he will demand the same boundless devotion and adoration. In fact, it is quite simple to win the heart of a Lion – the keys to it are tenderness, affection and admiration. And it is Aries who knows how to pick them up like no other.
As for the business compatibility between Aries and Leo, it turns out to be difficult, but at the same time bright and creative. The impetuosity of Lions, their desire for constant self-affirmation is unlikely to appeal to Aries, who themselves are natural leaders who do not recognize other masters or bosses over themselves. If Leo manages to assert himself at the expense of immaculately executed work, Aries will be able to show all the generosity inherent in this sign. Even if there were conflicts between them in the past. Unfortunately, if Leo turns out to be a leader, then Aries will quickly be able to bypass him due to his greater efficiency and higher intelligence.
The couple of Aries and Leo has an amazing sensitivity in meeting each other's physical and sexual needs, but even here it is not without pitfalls. Aries is used to always being the first, the same applies to intimate relationships, Aries would prefer to be with his partner not only the only ones, but also the first. And although he understands perfectly well that he most likely did not get a virgin, he tries to drive this thought into the unattainable depths of his subconscious.

On the other hand, Leo is not only used to enjoying success with the fairer sex, but also does not consider it necessary to hide the stories of his former hobbies. Aries remembers all these stories, and they cause him some pain, he is ready to put up with them if they relate to the past. But not the present or the future. Aries will not be able to forgive the slightest hint of physical betrayal.