Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

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In the compatibility of Leo and Aquarius, patience is most useful. These two signs belong to different elements, Air and Fire, and in theory should feed each other. However, in reality, they are separated by a lot of small conflicts from scratch. Leo is purposeful and persistent, he likes to feel noble, patronize the weaker, help and support those who need it. Aquarius is very emotional and sincere, open to the world and people. They do not know how to hide their feelings, they have a truly "childlike" spontaneity. With sufficient patience of both, both Leo and Aquarius will get what he needs in the union.
Aquarius is Air and Leo is Fire; you don't need a doctorate here to understand how these two entities feed each other. But, despite the compatibility of the elements, the same property of the characters generates their rivalry with each other (both are fixed signs, synonymous with stubbornness) and makes such a combination very problematic. Lions often get hurt for selfishness, but this characterization of their personality is not entirely accurate.

On the contrary, it is the lack of self-conceit that makes Lions seek recognition and go to all lengths to achieve it. Aquarius are indifferent to the opinion from the outside. They often take an unattractive, from the point of view of the majority, position, sometimes identifying with what causes shock to the layman. Such behavior does not at all mean that they have a strong ego, the real reason for the frontage of Aquarius is their self-doubt, which they are trying to overcome by trampling on generally accepted norms. So neither the Lions nor the Aquarians have an inflated conceit, which is just useful for their union.
Aquarius, Lions need recognition. You treat the approval from the outside as something insignificant, but it is important for your Leo to feel his importance to you. Without this, compatibility is out of the question. They will follow you when you need them. But be sure to express your gratitude to them, and then they will maintain their loyalty to you much longer. The union of the two zodiac signs is not remarkable, the main thing is to take care of each other and follow your partner. There is a possible disagreement in marriage, but this is not a reason to leave a partner and look for another on the side. Therefore, Leo needs to try to convince his partner of the importance.
Labor relations between Leo and Aquarius can be fruitful in the short term, but they rarely succeed in creating a solid financial and ideological foundation. Media enterprises, public relations, publishing and art are particularly favorable here. In the long run, Aquarius as a business partner may require too much attention from Leo, and may give too little psychological support to his companion.
Fixed Fire and Air must learn to give more than to take. Nevertheless, when finding points of contact between Leo and Aquarius, good compatibility and serious passion can flare up, since they have enough other topics to bicker with each other. Lions like to feel like masters, but Aquarians fend off their fantasies with a statement that any power is transitory. Between these two there is a struggle for influence that can make any dictator tremble.