Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

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They are both patronized by Mercury, which determines the mental approach to life. But this is where their similarity ends. Virgo considers Gemini immature and frivolous, and Gemini finds Virgo mundane and boring. Virgo's analytical approach seems cold to Gemini. For Virgo, Gemini's busy social life is a manifestation of superficiality and a waste of time. Passions are cooling, sexual life is approaching the freezing point. Separation is inevitable.

Flirting, coquetry, bright emotions – this good in the relationship of Virgins and Twins will be in bulk. But the guys will only have to dream about a serious relationship, or about marriage ties. Sarcastic Virgins will offend sweet and kind Twins, and frivolous air signs will begin to make fun of clean and punctual earthly guys. But with great love, Gemini and Virgo will be helped by the patron Mercury – the planet knows how to calm pets, and will arrange everything in the best possible way.
It's hard not to fall in love with Gemini at first sight! He is a bright and interesting person, able to captivate partners without putting any effort into it. A well-mannered and homely Virgo is capable of losing her head from an energetic and cheerful partner (of course, as much as a Virgo is capable of losing her head at all). Gemini feels comfortable next to the Virgin of the earth element: she will not compete with him for everyone's attention, and he will be able to enjoy the adoration of the public alone.

The companions balance each other well, their love is peculiar — on the one hand light and carefree, and on the other — responsible and deep. At the same time, it is better for Gemini not to test Virgo's patience with his spontaneous actions. Virgo does not tolerate sudden changes, it is difficult for her to rise and fall in the mood of a guy, his craving for adventure and a tendency to throw things started.
Fundamentally different characters and values guarantee spouses a problematic marriage. Among all zodiac couples, Virgo and Gemini are the most unsuitable people to live together. The task of the Virgin of the elements of the earth is to find and preserve, preserve and multiply. Gemini, on the contrary, are very wasteful, both in forces and finances. The partner does not care too much about the domestic side of living together, he is not practical, takes comfort lightly.

Virgo does not like this state of affairs in the family. She is determined that the partner will take care of the house with her, do repairs, raise children, spend a minimum of time with her friends. But Gemini, feeling pressure from a partner, seeks to escape from responsibility, simply leaves home under any pretext. Often the Virgo at the most crucial moment is left alone with the problems that she has to solve on her own. Is it worth saying how many quarrels this will lead to?
The common cause is based on the sober calculation of Virgo, who are always aware of all events and calculate all the risks. Gemini will become indispensable in negotiations and the conclusion of important contracts. They are very good at meeting people, looking for partners and allies who are able to make investments in their business. But Virgos believe that there is not enough seriousness in a colleague. In addition, they constantly argue and discuss their decisions, strictly does not adhere to the intended line of behavior.

There is tension in the work between the two zodiac signs, and when it reaches its apogee, Gemini starts the conversation first. Unlike Virgo, they are less diplomatic and more verbose, spending too much energy on useless chatter. Gemini is better to connect where work requires a creative approach and the development of social contacts. But the calculations and planning must be entrusted to the Virgins, they are not afraid of monotonous work.
Sex can become quite high-quality and interesting, but it will not have the miracles that Gemini is looking for. They are prone to experiments, depraved and alternative forms of sex, which Virgos rarely agree to. They don't need follies to satisfy them. If there are deep, strong feelings, the partner does not need additional incentives.

Gemini quickly gets fed up with everything that Virgo can offer them, and begins to incline them to experiments and games. But Virgos are uncomfortable in intimate matters, and against the background of their partner they seem clamped and conservative. After several unsuccessful attempts to diversify sex, the Twins go to a place where their needs are fully met.