Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

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Despite the strong sensual attraction, and a lot in common, this marriage union is not viable and is not suitable already due to the fact that Gemini, as a rule, are rarely at home, and Taurus are plagued by bouts of jealousy and suspicion. These zodiac signs have completely different characters. Taurus is phlegmatic, unshakable, he resists change. Gemini is windy and restless. But that's why they may be interested in each other — but only for a while.

Gemini is attracted by the passion of Taurus, but Taurus, striving for reliability and stability, will begin to suffer because of the inconstancy of the partner. Taurus is too dependent on his habits to get along with Gemini, who are always in need of new stimuli. Eventually, the demands of Taurus will become unbearable for Gemini, who will prefer freedom. Taurus, in turn, will not tolerate Gemini flirting on the side. Eternal disputes and quarrels are regular guests in their house. Frequent misunderstanding of each other leads to a breakup of the relationship and ends in divorce.
The compatibility of Gemini and Taurus in love, with their oratorical skills and cheerfulness, Gemini can attract anyone and fall in love with themselves. Even such a serious partner as Taurus falls for this bait. The couple's love is filled with beautiful courtship, promises and improvisation, the source of which is Gemini. To seduce him with an external bright color, Taurus does not yet understand what kind of trap he has fallen into.

The words that Gemini says on a whim, the partner remembers for a lifetime, and deep in his soul retains hope for their materialization. But the beloved is too changeable and forgetful to fulfill his promises. Romance ends soon, and everyday life begins, in which Taurus can take a closer look at his partner, but what he sees is very disappointing. Gemini does not seek to create a strong couple, they are more focused on the society in which they strive to constantly stay. This generates a large number of disagreements and becomes the main stumbling block in the relationship.
The compatibility of the marriage of Taurus and Gemini cannot be called cloudless. Gemini is filled with disagreements, disappointments and unfulfilled dreams. Taurus, who strives for comfort and constancy, does not understand his partner's desire for change. And Gemini experiences stress when it is necessary to close themselves within four walls, stop meeting with friends and devote most of their free time to hobbies. The more Taurus tries to domesticate a partner, the more desperately he resists and moves away from Taurus.

Quarrels often break out in the family, initiated more often by Twins. But Taurus's patience also has a limit, claims to a partner on domestic and financial grounds are quite justified and fair, because Gemini is quite irresponsible family men. It is difficult with him not only in everyday life, but also in dialogue, because it is not possible to talk to him. Representatives of two different elements, in marriage do not feel like a single whole, they do not do anything together because of their different interests.
Gemini and Taurus tend to argue a lot on professional grounds because of the different approach to work. Compared to Gemini, Taurus has a high level of endurance, efficiency and perseverance. He is not able to generate wonderful and crazy ideas, but at times when it is necessary to show will and endurance, he has no equal. He demands the same from his colleagues, especially if he is a leader. It will not be easy for a partner to work under Taurus, but it promises him great success and career advancement.

Gemini can learn patience and endurance from the boss, in return giving to the benefit of the common cause the ability to negotiate with people, build public relations, and beautifully express thoughts. When working with the air signs of the zodiac, it is important not to put pressure on them, since representatives of the air element are very subtle and touchy natures, they do not accept manipulation from the outside and harsh coercion. In the case when Gemini and Taurus combine their talents, they will make a promising working tandem aimed at achieving a common result.
The sexually compatibility of Gemini and Taurus is the strength of the union. The sexual energy emanating from Gemini will not leave Taurus indifferent. It is with such a partner that Taurus gets the opportunity to realize his potential in bed, to realize secret dreams. Gemini will also be satisfied with an intimate relationship, although in a partner he slightly lacks a flight of imagination and a penchant for improvisation. But, under the influence of Gemini, the partner is ready to change literally before our eyes: he willingly accepts his initiative, agrees to bold experiments, strive for diversity.

Taurus may be upset by the behavior of his windy partner, who, every now and then, tries to turn left. Being the owner, Taurus begins to be very jealous of the partner, and he sincerely does not understand the essence of the claims, because, for his part, he is ready to provide complete freedom, including sexual. However, Taurus is in no hurry to take advantage, he is focused on intimacy with one partner. The couple's sex is harmonious, but until the moment when negative emotions caused by Gemini's inconstancy begin to mix with it.